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Anoint Your Eyes With Eyesalve 

When we anoint our eyes with the eyesalve of the Spirit, we will discover that the bow God set in the clouds (His glory) is the same bow that appears around His throne. This is the anointing Adam had in the garden before sin.  And this is the anointing that is coming in the soon coming day of the early and latter rain upon the earth. Apply the eyesalve and let your Spiritual eyesight be healed.

Anointed for the Greater Works Ministry

The Double Portion Anointing is on the horizon with a people made ready for the dawning of the new day. Now is the time to prepare!

Appropriating the Principles     

Are the cares of this life weighing you down?  The answer is to appropriate the principles of God's Word.

Awake Unto Rightouesness

Man has been in a deep sleep since Adam's sin. We can only be delived from this body of death when we awake from our adam sleep and wipe the sleep from our eyes so we can clearly see the plan God has in our life.  Isaiah 52:1-2 and Ephesians 5:14. "Shake thyself from the dust!"


Becoming The Word
How are we to learn obedience to God's Word?  It is only by II Timothy 2:12 and 3:12, and I Peter 4:12


Christ Jesus

Jesus' fleshly existence came to an end on the cross, John 19:30. We are to no longer know Christ after the flesh, but as the risen, glorified Christ Jesus. 




David's Mighty Men

Are you standing alone, facing the enemy against all odds?   If we allow Him, the Lord will achieve a great victory in our lives. The victory is ours, the battle is the Lord's!





Deceitful Meats

God has a nutritional plan for our lives, but what is being force-fed to the body of Christ today?  We need to grow beyond the milk to the strong meet, Hebrews 5:14.



God's Called, Chosen, and Elect

Today, God has His called, and from His called, few will be chosen, and even fewer will follow on to become His elect.  Now is the time to prepare!


God's Glory Revealed In The Clouds

The Seventh Day is about to begin, when God is going to reveal the clouds of His glory (a people prepared of the Lord).


God's Young Men

God is preparing today's young men whose only desire is to overcome the evil one, and become strong in His Word, I John 2:13-14





The Elijah Mantle

The three appearances of Elijah, Matthew 17:10-12.  The third appearance of the Elijah ministry has yet to be manifested in the earth, but God is about to break forth with an anointing such as the world has never seen, the Double Portion Elisha Ministry.


Even The Very Elect, If Possible

Will Johanan persuade you to return to Egypt?



From a Tent To A Temple

Moses' Tabernacle and David's Tabernacle were temporary dwelling places, but the permanent dwelling place God is preparing is a temple not made with hands. it is being built through the Spirit, Ephesians 2:22.  It is being constructed of His living stones in the Spiritual realm, I Peter2:5. "What! Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you . . ." I Corinthians 6:19, and is coming without observation . . .Luke 17:20-21. 



Giants in the Land

Are there any giants in your life, that you are refusing to face?  It is time to spy out and deal with the giants in our land!



God Desires Truth in His Church




God Preparing A People For Service




God's Call To Judgment




God's Character, Nature, and Personality




God's Last Day Chosen Generation




Hidden Mysteries




Look Up and Open Your Eyes




Mystery Israel Revealed




Revealing His Generation



The Branch



The Corn, the Wine, and the Oil



The Harvest



The Gospel of the Kingdom



The Promised Seed



The Seed of Abraham



The Star Seed



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