New Foundations  Ministries

Audio Series

 by George Kirkpatrick

Series:   The Christ Seed in the Earth Today Duration

Introduction to the Christ Seed In The Earth Today Series          
        A Seed Shall Serve Him 42:48
        God's Promised Sons Inheritance 37:20
        The Christ Seed in the Earth Today 53:30
        The Old Corn 27:37

Series:  Mystery Babylon
         Mystery Babylon Revealed
         Mystery Babylon Revealed Video
                Is The United States in the Bible?
         Babylon is Fallen # 1
God's judgement hand is upon this nation! 
         Babylon is Fallen # 2
The Second Destruction of the United States
         As It Was In The Days Of Noah
                 We are living in the end of time. Once again, as it was at the time of the flood, sin has come to the place where God will once again
                 destroy the world, but this time as by fire. Will you be a Noah protected on the Ark, or will you have to endure the fire?
               Now is the time to get serious with our relationship with the Lord.
         America, Modern Day Nineveh! 
         America Laments    
         The Virgin Birth of the United States
         The Rivers of Babylon Are Drying Up!
          Waves Coming Upon Babylon
              Jeremiah Speaks to America   

Series:  Christ Jesus
        Christ Jesus, The Mercy Seat 45:10 GK
        Christ Jesus

Series:   The Apostate Church System
       Bricks Without Straw 31:49 GK
     Puffed Up In Pride 29:47 GK
     Woe! Woe! Woe!  Part One 54:46 GK
     Woe! Woe! Woe!  Part Two 31:35 GK




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