by Athena Abraham

As the time of Christ's return draws near 
        Many are hearing the trumpet sound clear.
                They are preparing a place for Him 
                        That is clean and learning to only on Him lean.

They have a vision stirred in their heart 
        And from the world they seek to depart.
            They are striving to arise into the spiritual realm
                His presence, paths and peace are there
                There is no worldly thought or care.

It is a place you are free to grow 
        And it is a place to sow.
                It is a place to sow the seed of Hope
                        While all the world cannot see 
                        And in darkness they do grope.

It is a place of sun and rain
        That strengthens and establishes the weak and the lame.
                It is a place to prepare your heart
                        As it was from the start.

It is a place that no matter where the path leads, 
        There's growing and maturing of Christ's seed.
                Is this process taking place in your heart?  
                        Do you fear him, love him and from sin depart?

        Will there be HOPE to harvest from your heart?

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