by  Edith  Pense

I walked the lonely streets of life

I wondered and I roamed

I could not find rest for my soul

And so I walked alone

I thought that I might go to church

And there I hoped to find

The reason for my living

Surely someone would be kind

I found the church was dark and cold

They didn't want the likes of me

It seemed the gospel was not taught

His love I did not see.

Maybe if I try another

Many churches can be found

Surely here the love of Jesus

Will be shining all around

I went into a bigger church

The steeple was so tall

I know that I will find love here

Aren't they Christians after all?

I didn't think it mattered

That I couldn't dress in style

I brought my open, hungry heart

And a great, big, friendly smile

I thought that I would surely find

Some comfort in their care

But much to my surprise I found

A cold and icy stare

My friend if you are one who sits

Each Sunday in a pew,

Will they feel the love of Jesus

Does He radiate from you?

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