by  Jeannie Kirkpatrick

Can I fill your shoes, Lord?

Can I walk the paths you have trod?

Can I go in compassion to a world that is lost?

Will I say, "I will go wherever?"

Will I travel the dusty road?

Will I run the race that's set before me?

Am I worthy to wear your sandles, Lord?

Am I willing to follow your steps?

Am I willing to walk your ancient pathways?

Give me courage, O Lord, to go the extra mile.

Give me strength to follow on.

Give me a lamp to light my pathway.

Send me, O Lord, wherever.

Send me over your proven paths.

Send me ever to my knees in prayer.

Go before my every step, Lord.

Go ahead! And lead me through.

Go! And I will follow.

I will to fill your shoes.

Will you walk through the angry crowds, My Child?

Will you travel the last mile I trod?

Will you follow me to Gethsemane?

Will you endure My heavy cross?

Do you know what I have walked through?

Do you know the steps I've trod?

Do you know the paths I've willingly taken

That led me to the cross?

Follow my every foot step.

Follow me all the way.

Follow closely My child

Never look away.

Go, My child, in obedience.

Go through the paths I've trod.

Go, and I will lead you.

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