by  Bev Baker

Computers, Computers-

They're everywhere!

Data, Discs, much needed software.

Input, output, programs, and chips.

Type "enter" on the keys,

And you get what you need.

Feed "info" in-

Data pops out.

They are a much needed tool

For everyone's house!

I stop and consider

All of these things-

And suddenly an idea starts to ring-

Like a big bell,

going off in my mind-

"I have a computer, that is 'one-of-a-kind'!"

My personal computer,

Is the Spirit of God!

He's easy to learn from,

Not confusing or hard.

All knowledge and wisdom,

Is stored up in Him-

No keyboard is needed,

Or codes to punch in.

All the "info"

That I ever need,

Is mine for the asking-

Sometimes on my knees.

No software, no chips, programs, or discs-

Just a sincere motive is required,

whenever I "inquire".

There is no copy of my personal computer-

For He's special and one-of-a-kind.

And He stays open, for us all to learn from-

But with our hearts, not with our minds.

Mankind reaches way into the vast unknown-

The world of science and invention.

But as for me, I'll stay on my knees-

In the world of prayer and

Holy Ghost Intervention!

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