by Jeannie Kirkpatrick

This is the time of death for much of my creation.
Yet life is here.
Seasons come and soon are past
Leaving signs of death
The Leaves have all fallen
And soon wil come winter cold

This is a time of preparation in my kingdom
My creation has shed its earthly coat
The leaves have fallen forming a covering for the earth.
Here in this covering are warmth and food
For the coming coldness.

Your leaves, My Precious Ones, also have fallen
Your death is accomplished
Your life is begun.
Precious to Me are the death of leaves

You are become a precious covering for the earth

Through you I will feed my creation

Oh My Precious Leaves! Fall ! Fall ! Fall !
I have prepared a new life for you
I long for you, My Special Creation
The death of your leaves only means I have set you free
To become a new life forever in Me.

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