by Athena  Abraham

There is an eternal working going on in my heart,
it is changing me, renewing me and creating in me a new heart

This working is not visible for all to see
It goes on quietly deep inside me

This working is not something i always look forward to,
but i know the end result is i will be clean and new

This working is done by the Spirit of God,
He is healing my land and tilling my sod

This working is tearing and breaking me up,
but o the glory when with Jesus i sup

This working is teaching me to willingly die,
that fruit may come forth and "i be no longer I"

This working is teaching me not to try and understand,
but to look up and trust my creator and know i am in his loving, kind hand

This eternal working is not done very fast,
but it is healing and delivering me from my fleshly past

This working is going on even when we think God has quit,
it seems like we are of no use when we sit and we sit....but

This eternal working brings forth patience in our life,
it reveals all envy, jealousy and strife

This working is revealing the deceitfulness of my heart
and all the things that still need to depart

There are many things deep inside that only God's light can reveal,
with these we need to acknwoledge them, deal with them and then let the Spirit heal.

This working will not allow me to push things aside, especially when he is dealing with self pride. It is a terrible thing to be lifted up in your self and not acknowledge God for all of his wealth.

During this working some explosions take place,
they seem very destructive and an unnecessary waste

But it is the all consuming fire of God's jealousy that sparks
this explosion and change deep within me.

It is when deep things are no longer hidden and all can see,
then our land is cleansed, leveled and set free.

This eternal work is only for a few, many desire it, and enjoy the view, but the cost is too high and the work is too great, many say "it's too hard, too late"

This working is truly precious to me, i know God loves me and with him i long to be, now and thoughout eternity.

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