by Sherry Campbell

A time
A place
A valley
A peak
Our lives reflect
The Destinry We Seek

If only we see
This earthly plane
Our lives are spent
In sorrow and pain

No hope, no joy, no peace within
Our grasp is only within man
Mortal to mortal we will evolve
With no future beyond this mortal resolve

But if in our mind's eyes we can see
The vision of Our Maker, Our Existence
As God, Our Father made it to be

An abode of treasures
In earth and sea
A place of growth
and mastery

As pilgrims
Our journey would be
Far, far above and beyond
Into the realm of Divinity

With others who have passed this plane before

Our destiny into Divinity
We would implore
Joy beyond joy
Every day and every night
Love beyond love
To know your hearts delight
Hope beyond hope
Of life beyond life
Knowledge beyond knowledge
Of your life beyond life
Understanding beyond understanding
Of your plight beyond this life
Wisdom beyond wisdom
To live in this
Life to beyond life
Let us go forth in this life
Loving, obeying, seeking, serving and praying
To God with all our might
Convinced beyond conviction
Living now without mortal restriction

Growing in characters of gold
From our master of old
Ancient of days
Our God
Our Father
As our stories unfold
With His character, love and divinity
In us to behold!

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