The Shepherd's Purse

God has given us every herb for medicine

a list of herbs to AVOID during pregnancy

Alder buckthorn - cathartic Mugwort - emmenagogue
Angelica - emmenagogue Nutmeg - slightly toxic (safe for cooking)
Barberry - uterine stimulant Osha - emmenagogue
Birthroot - uterine astringent Parsley - emmenagogue (safe for cooking)
Blessed thistle - strong bitter Pennyroyal - emmenagogue
Butternut - laxative Pleurisy root - cardiac stimulant
Cascara sagrada - laxative Rhubarb - laxative
Coltsfoot - possibly fetotoxic Rue - emmenagogue
Damiana - nervous system and hormonal activity Sage - emmenagogue, hormonal activity (safe for cooking)
Drug Aloe - cathartic Sarsaparilla (hormonal activity)
Ephedra - high alkaloid content, cardiac stimulant Scotch broom - cardiac stimulant
Feverfew - emmenagogue Senna - laxative
Goldenseal - uterine stimulant Shepherd's purse - hemostatic
Gotu Kola - affects nervous system Tansy - emmenagogue
Juniper berries - possibly fetotoxic, affects kidneys Wormwood - emmenagogue


The herbs in this list are to be avoided during pregnancy. Keep in mind that some professional herbalists may prescribe one or two of these in specific cases, but I'm listing them here because serious problems could arise if these are used by a novice especially during the first three months.

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