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Complete Salvation Plan Bracelet

A Gift that Teaches God's Complete Salvation Plan
A bracelet your child can make and enjoy

Needs: Silver cording
Pony Beads in colors of  Black, Red, Green, Blue White, Orange, Purple, Clear

1   Cut a piece of cord @ 10 " in length
2   Thread Beads in the following order:
Black, Red, Green, Blue,
White, Orange, Purple
3 Tie not both sides of beads
4 Thread both ends of silver cord through Clear Bead and Tie Cord

Directions: As you repeat each stanza of the poem point to the colored bead on the bracelet.

God's Salvation Plan

Once we were in darkness black as night  
Burdened with sin, and without God's light

Jesus came and shed  His blood for me
That I might from sin be set free.

The next step was carefully planned
In water baptism I could destroy the old man
To rise to new life as a new green plant

The Holy Spirit is represented by blue
He will come and dwell with you
If you ask Him too.

When I choose to walk in the Holy Spirit way
My white robe of righteousness must be displayed.

Only when I determine to walk in daily purity
Can I become a child of light for others to see.

As I continue to walk in His ways, and grow
The Lord will show me His perfect order, I know.

Until a Godly priest I become
Decked in royal purple is my final outcome.

The silver thread woven throughout
Is the silver thread of redemption
That runs from the beginning
To the end of my walk.

The crystal clear bead
Clearly shows me
How I can come into God's image for me.
Clearly transparent for all the world to see
I in the Father, and the Father in me.

Would you like to aske The Lord Jesus Christ
to come and live within your heart?

by Jeannie Kirkpatrick

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