Our Vision at Caring Cherers

given to Jeannie Kirkpatrick in 1989

I had a dream, and in that dream I was in a home-schooler's home. The mother was showing me the curriculum she was using. It was centered around little records and workbooks.

The Lord showed me stacks and stacks of these little records and books over in the corner. As the mother began to show them to me, I got very excited about them, saying, "This is just what we need. This is just what we've been looking for". I was so excited and wanted to share this new curriculum with other home-schoolers.

In the dream, the mother explained to me that this curriculum was centered around singing records and that when the children were learning from the little books, they were singing along with the small records.

In the dream, I could not understand why the little records. I also saw a very tiny, stylus type needle going around on these tiny records. At that time I was not aware that there was a new technology out called "Compact Discs". I found out since that time that compact discs are small golden records that are very durable and are played with a laser needle. They are replacing cassette tapes and all other kinds of records because of their durability.

At this present time, the dream I had in 1989, seems to be coming into reality. Many homeschooling families have indeed developed curriculums on CD's.

If you know of any CD curriculums available, we would be interested in including a description of  these in Caring Cherers Database.

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May the Lord richly bless you in your homeschooling endeavour

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