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K-100 Best Curriculum Resources - a valuable tool with many links

Lone Eagle Web Tours - a wealth of possibilities

Ace Bible Reading   Bible Reading reinforces reading skills and whets the child's appetite for God's Word. Each grade level of this series contains 12 PACEs that concentrate on reading the Bible and comprehending many of its principles.
                 P.O. Box 299000
                 Lewisville, TX 75029-9000
                 (972) 315-1776

Alpha Omega Publications

Alpha Omega Publications, Inc
300 North McKemy Avenue
Chandler, AZ 85226-2618
1- 800-622-3070

DoorPosts Character Training   (Isaiah 55:11)
Parent-Tested products that help apply scripture to family life.
     "For Instruction in Righteousness" helps us picture God's character to our children as we pattern our discipline and encouragement after His example.

     "Plants Grown Up" helps us point our sons to Jesus' example as they mature in body and spirit.

     A project manual for girls, POLISHED CORNERSTONES, is now available!
                 5840 SW Old Hwy 47
                 Gaston, OR 97119
                 Phone: (503) 357-4749

Step By Step Growth With Bible Builders
Character Building Foundation booklets @30 pgs in length with sets of questions and answers complete on the internet:   samples... Order in the Family, Where are You in the Kingdom, God Preparing a People for Service, Setting a Standard in the Land, Becoming the Word, God's Representatives, David's Mighty Men

Five in a Row
Five in a Row provides a step-by-step, instructional guide using outstanding children's literature for children ages 4 to 8! 4!   Beyond FIAR is literature-based unit study for children ages 8 to 12!   Also available Five in a Row Christian Character Bible Study Supplement.
email: [email protected]

Rod & Staff Publishers, Inc.
          PO Box 3 Highway 172
          Crockett, Kentucky 41413-0003
          Telephone 606-522-4348
          Fax - 606-522-4896

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