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Enjoy and Learn How To Be One

from the following Game

The Negative One's:

Play a game with these whereby you ask the children to answer one question to move back one space at a time.

The object is to get to go to the back of the class.

This is the opposite of being     OL NUMBER " ONE "

The One who ends up at the back of the room when all questions are answered is the winner.

Give the easier ones to the youngest children.

These can be put on index cards and laminated if desired, but this is not necessary to play.

Object: The First Shall Be Last

Rules: The first one to answer one right begins the line.

The second one to answer one right moves to the front of the line, and the first one moves back one and so on.

If a one in line says " I " know the answer, he must move to the front of the line, because he is saying " I " am smarter than one.

If a one in line raises his hand to indicate he knows the answer, he, too, must got to the front of the line, because he is raising himself higher than one.

If a one in line shoves, pushes or pouts he is "OUT" of the round and must get back in the original answer line.

(The person who shoves, pushes, or pouts has ONE CHANCE to stay in his place

And that is if he can quote an uplifting scripture for Number One)

The winner is the last one in line after all questions have been answered.

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