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Grace Publishing has put together some fine Bible based workbooks for teaching God's heritage.  We have not found them on the internet, but you can get a catalog by writing to Grace Publishing, 23740 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance CA 90505.  We found these at Teaching Helpers, Tucson, AZ and they are probably available at other School Supply Stores:

      Learning Math With Noah,               Grade 1                $ 2.29
      Learning Math With Joseph              Grade 2                  
      Learning Math With Bible Heroes     Grade 3                  

      Reading for Understanding Books 1 -3    Grades 1 -3    

      Bible Story Activities
      Bible Stories Coloring Book
      Little Tot Bible Mazes
      Little Tot Bible Coloring Book
      Cursive Handwriting Practice

      Christian Family Activites                                              3.95
      Christian Journal Writing                                               3.95
      Christians Learn at Home    Two Books  Pre-K & 1    17.85  each     

Children Sing The Word Scripture Song Midi Sounds Page  75 +
Basic Melodies provided with midi sound.  Sheet Music with Chords may be ordered from

Children Sing The Word Scripture Songs  Cassette Tape and Song Book    Twelve Scripture Songs providing an excellent method to retain God's Word. Available at

Caring Cherers Online Bible Lesson Plans
 I.  How to study God's Word.   II. Precept upon Precept  Available at

How to Study Your Bible Precept Upon Precept,  By Kay Arthur   A step-by-step introduction to the inductive study method. The emphasis is on Observing what Scripture says, Interpreting it correctly in light of the whole counsel of Scripture, and then Applying it practically in our own lives. Includes instructions on how to use Strong's Concordance and Vine's Dictionary of NT Words. Strongly recommended for anyone who wants to use the Line Upon Line series. This is the book given to adult students as background for doing their first Precept Bible study.   ISBN = 156-507-1735..... 8.99  Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

Studying God's World Series   Retail: $5.95 each Teacher's Editions Retail: $1.95 each  Very popular Bible study workbooks from Christian Liberty Press.  Students are presented Bible doctrine and important principles to develop strong Christian character traits. Each full of illustrations, photographs, and reference materials. Children read of listern to lesson, answer questions, and complete various exercises or activities. Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

The Story of Ruth/Book and Cassette (The Bible in Story and Song Series) by Jean Horton Berg, $10.46 Amazon Books

Science in the Creation Week   By Paul S. Taylor  Retail:19.95  In six days God made the heavens and the earth.  A Science curriculum based on the six days of creation.  Designed for grades 2 - 6.  Available from the Sycamore Tree   Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

A Shephed Looks at Psalm 23    By Phillip Keller   Reatial:  4.99    From a naturalist and lover of God's great creation.  A compelling and comprehensive comparison of the sheep and shepherd's specal relationship to ur relationship with the Lord.  Grades 9 and up.   Also in Audio.  Available from the Homeschooling Bookmark-ette

Lessons From A Sheep Dog   By Phillip Keller   Retail:  8.99  Another book by Phillip Keller.  A heart warming, Spiritual, and eucational story comparing sheep and shepherd's relationship to our relationship with the Lord.   Grades 9 and up.  Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

Not One Jot   By David Mulligan  Retail:  12.95  Using Psalm 199 this books goes verse by verse using each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the number signifcance, a short story about the letter and a picture helping you to remember the story and Hebrew letter.  Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

Searching for Treasure  Retail: $19.95  The book of Proverbs was written to Solomon's sons, and compiled by King Solomon primarily to help people live wisely in this foolish world. With  Searching for Treasure, Marty Elwell, a pastor's wife, homeschool mother, and author, makes the Proverbs easily understandable and applicable for children and adults. Also available: Searching for Treasure Coloring Book........Retail: $4.95  Available from the Homeschooling Bookmark-ette

Hind's Feet on High Places for Children Retail: $12.95  The classic allegory Hind's Feet on High Places has been on the Christian best-seller list more thatn 56 percent of the time for the past 20 years. This children's version is delightfully illustrated and rewritten in this easy-to-understand adaptation. The lesson of this allegory is the High Places of victory and union with Christ can be reached by learning to accept the tests permitted by God, by laying down our will and accepting His.  Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

Big Picture Bible Time Line    Retail  15.99   Dozens of reproducible pages that show the sequence of events in the Bible.  Large illustrations can be kept in book or pulled out and used on walls as timeline.  Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

The Bible Visual Resource Book   Retail  19.95  Reproducible illustrations of important places, people and events of the Bible, with charts and graphs to explain Bible facts. Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

Bible verse Coloring Pages   Retail  16.99  Reproducibe pages with topical and scriptural indexes to coordinate with their studies. Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

The Bible Alphabet of Animals   Retail 4.85  Stories cover 33 animals in the Bible.  One of each letter of the alphabet.  Full page illustrations.  For grades 6-9  Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

Bible Verses Mix/Match  4.00   Available from Second Harvests New and Used Curriculum  Bob and Shelly Noonan  Available from the Homeschool Bookmark-ette

A Walk with Jesus, The Book of Luke,   A Bible Study Devotional Workbook for Kids By Kathleen D. Buehler 8.5" x 11" 70 pages  Order from the Sycamore Tree  716-650-4466

New Foundation Publications  by George Kirkpatrick.   Bible Foundation booklets @30 pgs in length with sets of questions and answers, samples: Order in the Family, Be Ye Separate, Where are You in the Kingdom, God Preparing a People for Service, Setting a Standard in the Land, , Becoming the Word, Kill Off, Put Off, and Put On, , God's Representatives, Murmuring, David's Mighty Men. The books are complete on the internet.  Available at 

The Light and the Glory  by Peter Marshall and David Manuel - $10.99 The story of America's Christian history and God's hand upon it. From Columbus to the Constitution. Suggested for the junior high or highschool level. Softcover. Available from Old Paths Catalog

The Light and the Glory for Children with Anna Wilson Fishel- $8.99
The Light and the Glory for Children makes clear to young readers ages 9-12 how God worked through the founders of America to establish this nation. The years 1492-1789 begin the exciting story of God's plan for America. Softcover.  Available from Old Paths Catalog

From Sea to Shining Sea by Peter Marshall and David Manuel - $10.99
This exciting sequel toThe Light and the Glory covers that fragile time in our history from 1787-1837 when newborn America faced many challenges and overcame her growing pains by clinging to the Christian faith that was her heritage. Suggested for the junior high or highschool level. Softcover.  Available from Old Paths Catalog

Streams of Civilization Volume 1 - $16.25
This world history text provides a comprehensive overview of ancient history (Creation - 1620's) within a Christian perspective. Extensive vocabulary drill and recommended projects are listed throughout the text. Beautifully illustrated and contains numerous maps. Suggested for the 9 th grade level. Hardbound.  Available from Old Paths Catalog

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