The Shepherd's Purse

God has given us every herb for medicine

Use Caution with the following Herbs

Caution: Potent Arnica Arnica alpina physician only use Barlow

Caution: Blue Flag Harsh to gastrointestinal system Barlow

Caution: Burdock root not when pregnant, also interferes with iron obsorption

Caution Cinnamon Cinnamonmum increases constipation

Caution Coriander Taken to freely narcotic

Caution: Dill not when pregnant

Caution: Elder berry root Do not use, toxic

Caution: Ephedrine-vaso-constrictor don't use for high blood pressure

Caution Fennugreek Not when pregnant

Caution: Ginseng not elderly or with fevers, don't take for long periods

Caution: Golden Seal root Hydrastis canadensis do not use continaully Brlw, some people allergic itching reaction

Caution: Hyssop not with high blood pressure

Caution: Juniper overdose kidney and liver toxic, convulsions, dizziness, disorientataion

Caution: Lady Slipper overdose can lead to mental depression Barlow

Caution: Licorice root not with heart problems, imbalance miniers?, hyper adrenal cortical hormones, not with high blood pressure

Caution: Lobelia Lobelia inflata give stimulant herb before or after, regulate dosage to age given-Barlow

Caution: Mace Too much causes over excitement

Caution: Meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria not children

Caution: Mullein Verbascum thapsus Narcotic, slight Brlw

Caution: Nutmeg mild hallucingen, causes fats in liver, causes constipation and drowsiness, large does cause miscarriage

Caution: Pennyroyal Mentha pulegium Not pregnt Barlow

Caution: Peppermint interferes with iron absorption

Caution: Poppy Seed Euphoria, mild like cannabis, 30 min

Caution Soapwort Gastrointestinal irriation

Caution Sage dries up mother's milk

Caution: Senna Cassia Acutifolia Can cause uterine hemorrage

Caution: Spearmint Not for heartburn

Caution: Tansy Tanacetum vulgare Not when pregnant Barlow

Caution: Uva Ursi not children, not when pregnant, large or extended doses toxic

Caution: Yarrow interferes with iron absorption

Caution: Yellow Clover if you bleed easily do not use-Barlow, use only under a doctor's direction-Barlow, incompatible with coffee and tea-Barlow

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