1    The Time of Harvest Is Here
2    Look Up!  For Thy Redemption Draweth Nigh!
3    The Winter of Time
4    Hear What The Spirit Is Saying To The Churches  
5    The Day of Tribulation
6    Look Up For Your Redemption Draweth Nigh
7    Arise Out of the Dust 
8    Today Is The Day Of Repentance
9    The Seven P's In The Ark Of The Covenant
10   Men's Hearts Failing Them For Fear 
11   Christ, The End Of The Law
12    The Family That Prays Together
13    God's Judgment On The House Of God       
14    Choose Ye This Day
15     Justice and Judgment 
16     Consider Your Ways
17     With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding
18     Woe To The Self-Proclaimed Prophets
19    What Are Our True Colors 
20    Why New Foundations? 
21    How Do I Bring God's Ark Into My Life? 
22    God's Judgment On America
23    Call A Spade, A Spade 
24    Where Are The Families? 
25   Will You Walk In The Light Of The Gospel?
     27   Are We Receiving Rain In Due Season?
28   Y2K and God's Judgment
29    Y2K Chaos!  Saints Be Warned! 
30    Executive Orders and Martial Law
31    Be Still And Know 
32    The Bride Clothed In White Linen 
33    Sow To The Spirit
34    No One Can Pluck You Out Of My Hand
35    I Will Whet My Glittering Sword
36    I Press Toward The Mark 
37    Only The Overcomers Will Be Victorious
38    God Hates Her Pride 
39    Lies!  Lies!   Lies! 
40    The Kingdoms Of This World Will Fail 
41    Beware Against Settling Back On Your Lees
42    Judgment Must Begin At The House Of God
43    The Seventh Day Is Dawning
44    Judgment IS Coming
45    Christ In Us, The Hope of Glory
     46     If It Feels Good, Do It
     47    Check Their Fruits
     48    Modern Day Jerusalem
     49    Summer Is Ended
     50    A Famine In The Land
     51    Peace! Peace! Where There Is No Peace!
     52   The Manifested Sons of God
     53   Woe To The Foolish Prophets
     54    The Ark Of The Covenant
     55    A Kingdom Divided
56    How Do I Get Closer to the Father?
     57    Choose Ye This Day Whom Ye Shall Serve
58     Let My People Go
59    God's Coming Wrath
60    God is a Consuming Fire
61    Walk Into Freedom
62    The Winter of Time
63    Who Shall Ascend to the Hill of the Lord
64    America You Have Gone Too Far               August 2001
65    The Cup of God's Fury
66    Work Out Your Own Salvation
67     Set a Guard on the Doors of Your Life
68    Are We In The Last Days
69    Thy Will Be Done In Our Earth
70    Woe To Them That Go Down To Egypt For Help
71    A World Gone Crazy
72    The Sword Without and Terror Within
73    Children of Disobedience
74    As It Was in the Days of Noah
     75    Was June 26, 2003 the Last Straw

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