The Three Crosses

The three crosses on Mt. Calvary reveal
the condition of Christ's body in the earth today.  

The Day of law

The Day of Grace

And the Day of the Body of Christ.

The first cross represents law

The thief on the first cross railed upon Jesus, doubting, saying, "If thou be Christ save Thyself and us," *** Luke 23:39.  

The law rejected Christ

The law operated by works and without faith it is impossible to please God, *** Hebrews 11:6.

The other cross represented grace

The thief on the second cross recognized Jesus as the Christ, proclaiming, "Lord remember me when thou comest into Thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, To day shalt thou be with Me in paradise." *** Luke 23:42-43

The second thief was guaranteed a place in the Kingdom. God's perfect grace was afforded the second thief.   He did not ask for forgiveness of sins nor was he baptized.  It was only through God's perfect grace that the promise Jesus made the second thief was fulfilled.

The legs of law were broken.

At sundown (representing the end of the age) the legs of law and grace were broken.  

Law cannot stand in the day of the Lord.

The legs of grace were also broken.

 Grace will not stand in the Day of the Lord.

Law, nor grace can take us into the Kingdom of God.

The third cross was the center cross

Jesus' broken body symbolizes the body of Christ in the earth today.  

Only the True Body of Christ will Stand

It was recorded concerning Jesus:  "For these things were done, that the Scripture should be fulfilled, A bone of Him shall not be broken."  John 19:36

Not a bone of Jesus was broken.  This reveals only the body of Christ will stand in the end of the age.

The Psalmist wrote concerning Jesus hanging on the cross:

"I am poured out like water, and all My bones are out of joint:  My heart is like wax;  it is melted in the midst of My bowels."

Although no bones of Jesus were broken, all His bones were out of joint.  What a picture of the body of Christ in the earth today.  Although their bones are not broken, there is still strength in the body, but it is all out of joint with many schisms and divisions.  But praise the Lord, He is going to bring His body together and it will stand in the last days.

God's body will not consist of those who are playing church.  His body will be made up of overcomers, His new creation in Christ.

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