Lay Up God's Word In Your Heart

Week 1   "Thy Word Have I Hid In Mine Heart That I Might Not Sin Against Thee." Psalm 119:11

God's Word is a Treasure Box of Scripture Jewels
that we need to hide in our heart

                                   1   Introduce song
                                   2   Do craft project: Treasure box
                                   3   Sing song while working
                                   4   Gather and sing song again
                                   5   If children can sing song,
                                        give them a jewel to put in their treasure chest

Needed:                  Red Poster Board Priority Box Video Size
                               White Paper or White Heart Doillies,
                               Heart Stickers and Jewel Stickers in assorted colors
                               Colored Glass Marbles

Song 1        


             C                            F
            Lay up God's Word in Your Heart

             G7                          C
            Lay up God's Word in Your Heart

             C                            F
            Lay up God's Word in Your Heart

                    C        G7           C
            And He will di - rect your day.                            Deuteronomy 11:18

            Sheet Music            Video

 Use Action Signing:
  Build with fists, beginning low at ankle level.
  Open book.
  Point fingers to head for heart
  Sign for Jesus, then praying hands, finally the sign for day.

Song Two              

 The B - I - B - L - E, yes that's the book for me
            I stand upon the Word of God
            The B - I - B - L - E
            The BIBLE

Explain meanings of God's Word = Bible
Give each child a small New Testament Bible

When children are not using the Bible, instruct them how to respect God's Word by
placing it gently on or under their chair where it will not get damaged.

Questions: Where does God live?                   In heaven and in our heart
What is another name for the Bible?                God's Word
What is another name for God's Word?          The Bible

What does the word treasure mean?
     Something made of gold, etc that we put in a treasure chest

               This is laying up God's Word in our heart and hiding God's Word in our heart.

Children Sing The Word
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