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Now you can teach your children at home using the "Children Sing The Word Online Music Program". Does the cost of music lessons have you overwhelmed? Individual instruction can cost as much as $ 5.00  to $ 8.00 an hour, not to mention your time involved and the price of gasoline it costs to go to a music teacher. Saving you time and money is what we are all about. And our lessons are designed so that you can easily instruct your own children step by step through the complete learning process even if you, yourself have had no previous musical training.

Here's how it works.

You purchase each lesson separately as your children progress through each lesson. Or if your child needs review practice in a given technique, you only need to purchase the technique they need. It's as easy as downloading our pdf files and sound files as you need them. There is no shipping cost, which is very important with the ever-rapidly esculating, shipping expenses. Once you have purchased one set, feel free to print out a set for each child in your family. It's as simple as that.

We have designed "The Children Sing Word Online Music Program" for multiple use. The program is equally beneficial for the piano, keyboard, recorder, most musical instruments, voice lessons, and even for a basic theory course to equip you and your children to read all types of music.

Music Teachers will also benefit from our 'on the spot' review sheets and 'sheet music' selections

Most lessons are $ 3.00. That's a savings of at least $ 2.00 weekly, not to mention the savings in your time and gas expense.

Our goal at Children Sing The Word is to equip music leaders.
We encourage you to start today!    

Children Sing the Word Online Music Lessons Index

Beginning Theory Primer

Sample Pages

Motivational Posters        Set of 10

Lesson One            The Musical Staff
Lesson Two            Middle C
Lesson Three         The Measures
Lesson Four          The Musical Beats
Lesson Five           The Time Signature
Lesson Six            The First Five Notes

Confidence Builders      Scripture Songs Using Only The First Five Notes

Lesson Seven         The Base Clef
Lesson Eight         The Scales
Lesson Nine           Sharps, Flats, Naturals
Lesson Ten            The Key Signatures
Lesson Eleven       The Tie
Lesson Twelve       The Slur

Lesson Thirteen     The Chords and the Pedals
Lesson Fourteen    The Accent
Lesson Fifteen       The Stacatto
Lesson Sixteen      The Ledger Notes

Lesson Seventeen  Octave Study
Lesson Eighteen    Minor Keys & Chords

Intermediatate Lessons

    Dynamic Marks
    Musical Symbols
   Chord Patterns

Advanced Lessons

   Finger Technique
   Building Technique
   Etude Studies
   Sonatina and Sonata Studies

Gospel Chording
Gospel Runs

Gospel Embellishments

Gospel Base Clef Rhythm

Theory Target Technique Song Books Coming Soon

     Book 1      Dynamics
     Book 2      Left hand chording
     Book 3      Left hand rhythm
     Book 4      Song Introductions
     Book 5      Song Endings
     Book 6      Technique

Scripture Song Book Collections

The Give God The Glory Collection
God's Word In Song
Children's Collection
Praise Collection
Worship Collection   
Solo Selections
The Psalms In Song Collection
Scripture Songs To Challenge God's Young Men To Become Leaders
Complete Alphabetical Listing of  Children Sing The Word Scripture Songs      

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