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God who stretched the spangled heavens

Infinite in time and place

Flung the suns in burning radiance

Through the silent realms of space,

We, Thy children, in Thy likeness,

Share inventive powers with Thee

Great Creator, still creating,

Teach us what we yet may be.

We have conquered worlds undreamed of

Since the childhoods of our race,

Known the acstacy of winging

Through uncharted realms of space,

Probed the secrets of the atom,

Yielding unimaginined power

Facing us with life's destruction

or our most triumphant hour.

As Thy new horizons beckon,

Father, give us strength to be

Children of creative purpose,

Serving man and honoring Thee.

Til our dreams are rich with meaning

Each endeavor Thy design

Great Creator, lead us onward

Til our work is one with Thine.

                       Catherine C. Arnott

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