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The Wicked Scribes and Pharisees

The wicked scribes and Pharisees who thought they were so good,

With Jesus tried to find some fault in any way they could.

The sins they had were covered up. (at least that's what they thought.)

They tried to teach how men should live, yet they would not be taught.

They acted like they hated sin, yet they were full of it;

That they were guilty sinners, too, they just would not admit.

They brought a sinful woman in to see what Christ would say

Should happen to this guilty one whom they brought in that day.

For Moses in the Law had said to stone one such as she;

Would Jesus break the Law of God? That's what they came to see.

But Jesus saw their evil hearts, and why they came He knew;

And He knew how to answer them; He knew just what to do.

This woman did deserve to die, but Christ in mercy came

To die for sinners such as she, For pardon through His name.

The Lord saw every guilty heart, and not just hers alone;

And said the sinless one should be the first to throw a stone.

Not one of them was sinless there; their conscience told them so;

Accusers once, but now accused away from Christ did go.

Then Jesus stood and saw no man who had condemned before.

He said, "I neither do condemn, but go and sin no more."

                                                              by Rachel Huff, age 13

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