Children  Sing  The  Word
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_____  Children Sing the Word Beginning Primer for the Piano, Ages 5-8  $  20.00
_____            Children Sing the Word Primer Answer Key                                       8.00 
_____            Cardboard Keyboard                                                                         2.00
_____            Set of Flaschards                                                                                4.00
                                 Complete Set, above Primer                                                                                30.00

_____    Children Sing the Word Motivational Posters for Beginning Primer Program above.      5.00

              The Dynamics of Music, Intermediate Level                                                                    15.00 

              CSTW Scripture Song Book, a collection of 100 + new songs, with guitar chords          20.00             

Children Sing The Word
Material Description

CSTW Primer for the Beginner,  Ages 5 - 8
     A Beginning Introduction for the Young Student
     Set of Motivational Posters
     Cardboard Keyboard
     Set of Flashcards
     Answer Key

CSTW Dynamics of Music, Intermediate Level, Ages 12-14
    Scripture Songs to build the skill of softness in music

CSTW Scripture Song Book  -  100 +  New Songs
     Piano Sheet Music with Guitar Chords

Children Sing the Word
George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick
110 High Street
Fort Fairfield Maine  04742

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