The FBP Newsletter


The Freeborn Newsletter is published by
Freeborn Prepatory School a Christian school
preparing God's heritage for Godly leaderhip

"Children in whom is no blemish,
and well favoured,
and skillful in all wisdom,
and cunning in knowledge,
and understanding science,
and such as have ability in them to stand . . ."
Daniel 1:4 a

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Newsletter   No  3

Freeborn Statement of Faith:

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He came to earth in the flesh to be the Saviour of the world to redeem mankind from sin, and that if we receive Jesus Christ we have the power to become the sons of God.  Acts 8:37

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Word of God and that He was in the beginning with God, and that the Word was God.   John 1:1

We believe that we must overcome the world in every aspect of our lives.  I John 5:5, Revelation 2:7;  2:11;  2:17;  2:26;  3:5;  3:12;  3:21;  &  21:7

The FBP Newsletter is the publication of Freeborn Prepatory School.  Please distribute as you are led of the Holy Spirit.

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