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Kevin King Tyler, TX 12-26-88 Dear Ken: I am happy to share my list of medical equipment and supplies. FANNY refers to a "fanny pack", a small 7 pocket day-pack which I purchased from SI. KEEPWITH is a list of the stuff I want close; in the car if possible. BUGOUT is a collection to grab if evacuation is ever necessary. CAMPING includes the things we usually take on a camping trip. Hopefully, it includes enough to camp out for 2 weeks. STORM will eventually be the all inclusive inventory list. It will add to CAMPING the reserve inventory and the necessities for shelter living. MEDICAL LIST is Jane Orient's project. I received it as hard copy and have gotten only part of it in the computer. I hope you find some of this helpful. Feel free to edit it to fit your needs. Sincerely, Kevin King FANNY

Have Alcohol wipes (cassette tape box full)

Aspirin (adult pedi) (1 bottle each)

Band-Aids (cassette tape box full)

Bandana (camoflauge) (1)

Betadine ointment (cassette tape box full)

Betadine wipes (cassette tape box full)

Chap stick (1)

Gloves (examining) (4 pair)

Magic Marker (black) (1)

Magnifying glass (1)

Safety pins (8)

Signal mirror (1)

Soap (Dial or other) (1)

Tape (1" silk) (wrapped on matchstick stored in 33 mm film can)

Towel (hand size) (1)

Tylenol (adult pedi) (1 bottle each)

Fluid Therapy Formula


Deprivation Diarrheal Losses Cola soft drinks straight

Orient Formula water 1 quart

Sugar 10 teaspoons

Baking soda 1/3 teaspoon (sodium bicarbonate)

Lite Salt 1 teaspoon (Morton KCI

Some things in the next part are duplications:

Eye shield

Gloves sterile (2 pair)

Mirror (signal)

Needles 18 g (2) 20 g (2)

Pill vials (3) Q-Tips (5)

Razor blade

Safety pins (25 in assorted sizes)

Suture 3-0 Dexon (1)

4-0 Nylon (3)

Syringe 3 cc (1)


Tongue blades (5) (instruments)

Hhemostat: mosquito (2)

Nail clippers

Needle holder (1)

Pickups with teeth (1)

Scalpel handle (1)

Scalpel blades #15 (1) #11 (1) #10 (1)

Scissors: straight Mayo (prep)

Alcohol wipes (4)

Betadine ointment (6)

Betadine prep (4 oz)

Betadine wipes (4)

Dial soap (motel) (1)


Band-Aids (6)

Cotton balls

Eye dressing (pads) (2)

Field dressing (2) (battle dressing) (Carlyle dressing) (pressure dressing)

Roller gauze 1" (1)

Sponges (2 packs with 2 each) tape (1" silk) (wrapped on matchstick stored in 35 mm film can)

Triangle bandage 38" side 54" hypotenuse 36" side

Vaseline gauze (1) (drugs prescription)

Benadryl 50 mg/cc (1 ampule)

Epinephrine 1:1000 (2 ampules)

Lomotil (12 tabs)

Xylocaine (1% plain) (20 cc) (drugs non-prescription)

Aspirin (adult)

Neosporin Ointment

Oil of cloves (1 oz)

Tylenol (adult)

Maalox (other first aid supplies) (not in small REI)

Air splints

Pocket mask with valve ingredients for fluid replacement

Sugar NaCl NaHCO3

Morton's Lite Salt

Snake bite kit

Survival blanket

Insect Repellent

LARGE FIRST AID KIT (REI) (equipment) some of the following are duplicates

Pill vials (4)

Tongue blades (2)

Gloves (sterile)

Suture (1 of each) 4-0 Dexon 5-0 Dexon 4-0 Nylon 5-0 Nylon 6-0 Nylon 3-0

Silk ties 4-0

Chromic needles 18 g (2) 20 g (2)

Syringe 3 cc (1)

Razor blade (Weck) (5)

Safety pins (25 in assorted sizes)

Insect repellent (REI Jungle Juice)


Needle holder hemostat (straight) (3)

Scissors straight Mayo

Paramedic pickups without teeth

Scalpel handle

Scalpel blades #15 (1) #11 (1) #10 (1)

Signal mirror (prep)

Betadine solution (4 oz)

Betadine wipes (4)

Betadine ointment (6)

Neosporin ointment (8)

Alcohol wipes (4)

Liquid soap (Campsuds) (2 oz)


Band-Aids (15)

Field dressing (4) (battle dressings Carlyle pressure dressings)

Grease gauze Vaseline (1) Adaptic (1)

Sponges (4) tape (1" satin tape wrapped on matchstick and stored in a pill vial)

Triangle bandage (54" hypotenuse) (drugs prescription)

Benadryl 50 mg/cc (1)

Epinephrine 1:1000 (2)

Atropine 0.4 mg/cc (5)

Lomotil (12) (drugs

Tylenol (adult)


NaCl (salt) tablets


Tongue blades

Ear syringe (suction bulb)


Gloves exam sterile

Steri-Strips suture 4-0 Dexon 5-0 Dexon 6-0 Dexon 3-0 Nylon 4-0 Nylon 5-0 Nylon 6-0 Nylon 3-0

Silk ties 4-0

Silk suture 6-0 Silk suture 4-0

Chromic needles regular 18 20

Splints (wire and air) tourniquet

Umbilical cord clamp

Foley catheter


Eye droppers


Razor blades

Safety pins

Cotton sewing thread and needle


Needle holder hemostat mosquito regular

Kelly scissors tissue suture iris

Paramedic pickups with teeth without teeth

Splinter scalpel handle

Scalpel blades: #15 #10

Betadine scrub brush

Betadine prep

Betadine paint

Betadine wipes

Betadine ointment

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

Alcohol alcohol wipes

Antiseptic towelettes (dressings)

ABD's Ace bandage (3" and 4")

Band-Aids Eye patches

Eye shield

Field dressings (Battle dressings Carlyle pressure dressings)

Gauze roller bandage (2" and 3")

Grease Gauze dressing (Adaptic Vaseline)



Safety pins

Sponges (3" x 3" or 4" x 4")

Steri-Strips Tape (satin or canvas) 1" 2" 3"

Triangle bandage (54" hypotenuse)

Bed sheets (for dressings)

Penicillin (oral and parenteral Amoxicillin (oral and parenteral EES (Erythromycin) (oral) TCN (Tetracycline) (oral and parenteral)

Antibiotic ointments (general eye)

Antibiotic drops (eye)

Atropine (ACLS Chemical agents

Benadryl (capsules injection)

Compazine (oral rectal)

Decadron (parenteral)

Diamox (altitude sickness) (oral)

Droperidol (parenteral)

Epinephrine (parenteral)

Lasix (oral parenteral)

Lomotil (oral)

Narcan (parenteral)

NTG (Nitroglycerine) (sub-lingual)

Ophthane Opiate

Analgesics ASA with Codeine Tylenol #3

Morphine (parenteral)

Xylocaine (ACLS suturing drugs)

ASA (adult and pedi)

Tylenol (adult and pedi)


Baking soda (eye wash and soaks for dermatitis)

Calamine lotion




Desenex powder ointment




NaCl tablets (salt)

NeoSporin ointment

Nose drops (Afrin and NeoSynephrine)

Oil of cloves


Throat lozenges



Vitamins Multi Vit C 25 mg/day

Zinc oxide paste (fluid replacement)

Clear liquids (tea bouillon

    water 1 liter NaCl 1 tsp NaHCO3 1/2 tsp IV

Normal saline 1000 cc

Lactated ringers 1000 cc D5/W 500 cc D50/W 50 cc

Administration sets extension sets

Jelcos pressure bag (dental)

Oil of Cloves

Tiny cotton balls

Dental pickups

STORM (First aid supplies are essentially the same items as for CAMPING; the quantity in the inventory is simply increased as finances allow.)

Personal Kits When teaching first aid, it is a good idea to have each boy make his own 'personal' first aid kit. In this way they will be prepared for any minor mishap that may occur, even on their way to the meeting. It also stresses the importance of having first aid material readily available and familiarizes the boys with the materials, their uses and limitations.

One suggestion from Powlett District published in the Victorian Scout is a Match Box First Aid Kit. You will need:

- one match box (each)

- a needle

- a small bandage and safety pin

- several adhesive bandages

- a cotton ball

- a cotton ball dipped in an antiseptic solution and wrapped in plastic food wrap

The match box is covered with plain, coloured paper with emergency phone numbers clearly written on the box and money for pay phones taped to the other side of the box. This kit is compact and would do in an emergency.

Another idea is to carry materials flat in a wallet or pocket. Here you would need:

- two or three adhesive bandage strips

- one 2" x 2" sterile gauze compress

- one small bar of soap (the size found in hotels)

OR an antiseptic pre-moistened towelette

- one clean handkerchief (carried in a pocket)

These items are all flat and would fit easily into a wallet or pocket.

A Hiker's Kit A hiker or camper's first aid kit is usually larger than a personal kit but compact enough to be carried about in a knapsack. The container should be water tight to keep dampness and water from seeping in. This kit would include:

- matches in a waterproof container

- small blunt end scissors and razor blade (safely packaged or wrapped)

- assorted sizes of adhesive bandages

-. a patch bandage

- adhesive tape

- sterile gauze

- table salt (for sunstroke or an antiseptic)

- aspirin (if a boy is allergic to aspirin substitute a non-aspirin type of pain reliever.)

- safety pins

If the area you're hiking in requires it, bring along snake antivenin serum.

Not only should there be more variety but a greater quantity of items.

This would include a larger assortment of adhesive bandages (different shapes and sizes);


castor oil for eyes and eye dropper;

paper cups;

absorbent cotton; gauze pads;

cotton tips;

rubbing alcohol;

antiseptic solution;



smelling salts;

soap containing hexachlorophene or liquid antiseptic soaps;

triangular bandage;

iodine, sterilized gauze (different sizes);


adhesive tape;

sterile tongue depressors;

and rigid splinting material such as a piece of wood, metal or strong cardboard.

Also keep a first aid book in the kit. A Kit for the Home One exercise is to make a list of all the necessary items for a first aid kit in the home with your group. The Department of National Defence, in its book 11 Steps to Survival suggests these items for a complete first aid kit for the home:

- one bottle mild antiseptic

- five yards 2" gauze bandage

- two triangular bandages

- 12--4" x 4" sterile pads

- 12 assorted individual adhesive dressings

- two large dressing pads

- five yards half-inch adhesive tape

- nine assorted safety pins

- petroleum jelly

- aspirin*

- thermometer

- blunt end scissors

- medicine glass

- tweezers

- 4 oz. baking soda

- 8 oz. table salt

** Remember to substitute if anyone in the family is allergic to this pain reliever.

Discuss the necessity of having a kit in the car and what items you would be sure to include considering the circumstances it would be used under. What special items would you include--flares? blankets? In preparing first aid kits with your group, discuss the reasons for each item, its proper use and the limits of first aid itself. First aid is common sense- once your group understands the reasons for taking certain steps and using special equipment, they will less likely forget than if they had to memorize it. Also stress that once a first aid kit has been made it cannot be put away and forgotten. Keep the supplies replenished and properly protected.

Emergency Kit For Your Car

1. Battery powered radio and extra batteries

2. Flashlight and extra batteries

3. Blanket

4. Booster cables

5. Fire extinguisher (5 lb., A-B-C type)

6. First aid kit and manual

7. Bottled water and non-perishable high energy foods, such as granola bars, raisins and peanut butter.

8. Maps

9. Shovel

10. Jumper cables. Tire repair kit and pump Throw in all the necessary equipment to change a tire: working jack, spare tire (with air in it!), lug nut wrench or tire iron, pipe for leverage. Most of this should already be stored in its designated place in the car's trunk or hatchback. Include rags and a funnel. Include triangle reflectors and flares. Purchase all the necessary fluids: 2 qts. of oil (10W-40), a gallon of water and antifreeze, brake fluid, power-steering fluid (if applicable), and automatic transmission fluid (if applicable). Add flat and Phillips-head screwdrivers, pliers and an adjustable wrench (only to be used in an emergency - adjustable wrenches can easily round the head of bolts). Toss in work gloves or latex gloves, duct tape (of course), a blanket, spare fuses and a can of Fix-a-Flat. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, keep a collapsible shovel in the car in case you need to dig your car out of ice or snow.

11. Some type of nonperishable food and bottled water

12. Flares


First Aid Kit

Sanitation needs

Anti-bacterial soap

Aloe vera gel

Emergency Preparation Supplies

Don't forget that survival means to cope not to conquer. The essentials are:

13. Have supplies on hand

14. Learn first aid, campcraft, basics of living off the land

15. Form a cooperative not a militia

16. Have a skill which you can trade for supplies

17. Know your area and how to get away from it

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