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The True Church and Her Coming Out!   by Kelly Elliott

Do you ask, "Why Me, Lord!" Why am I going through such hard things?
Praise God! You are experiencing the Overcomer's Calling. God is preparing you for His Kingdom.

Dr. Wayne Agan explains why "Adversity" is absolutely necessary in our lives:

"A Tool In The Hand Of God"    ADVERSITY!

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Dr. Wayne Agan         325 Agan Road        Golden MS      38847

Jesus of Nazareth: The Christ and Messiah
by Jonathan B. Hobbs

Enjoy the complete story of Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ and Messiah. This illustrated collection of Bible notes unlocks the pure Gospel Story of Jesus Christ by combining the four accounts of the Gospel in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John into a single narrative.  Jonathan has a unique way of portraying the life and times of Jesus. His inspirational message is designed for the new Christian's beginning growth into the the Kingdom of God, including youth ministries, and for adults of all ages.  Direct Biblical quotes are put into simple English translation from the King James Version of the Bible.

 Jesus of Nazareth: The Christ and Messiah 
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A Collection of 10 Scripture Songs
From Children Sing The Word

All songs are from the King James Version of the Bible
Click here to view and hear the complete collection on One Video

We are honored to present this collection of
14 New Scripture Songs from Capstone Ministries

Inspirational Poetry From The Body of Christ

Distant Drums          Poems by Darl Dinger         
Prophetic Poetry       From Jo Ann Glasco     
Refreshment From The Lord   Poems by Jeannie Kirkpatrick 
Alphabet Soup
From Heaven With Love by Norman Beasely
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Is There Hope To Harvest by Athena Abraham
My Faithful by Frankie Moore
Pen In Hand
Latter Day Purpose by Mildred Beaver
The Sun Setteth On America by Brian Waala
Timely Exhortations From the Body To The Body


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