Call A Spade A Spade

There is an old saying that goes, "Call a spade a spade". What it means is "to say plainly what something is". Today the modern news medium has perverted the meaning of many words. They no longer use words like fornication, adultery, sodomy, or thief. The Bible is very clear on these words and many others. To begin with the dictionary describes sex as the character which an animal or man is male or female. It was not meant to be used to describe the marital relationship between man and woman, nor the regenerative act between animals. The Bible describes fornication as the marital act between the unmarried. Adultery is described as the marital act between two married people who are not married to each other. Yet, when a famous evangelist was caught in the act of adultery, it was reported as a tryst.

When the unmarried are involved in fornication they are said to be sexually active. Love is described as two fornicators in bed. In the Bible, the female fornicators are called whores. Certainly the news medium would never be allowed to report these beautiful fornicators or adulterers as being whores or those who are involved with them as whoremongers. Of late we are hearing about our highest elected official being involved in oral sex. The Bible is very clear, oral sex is sodomy and those involved in oral sex are sodomites. The news medium deems to call these sodomites "gay". The news medium has chosen these new terms to hide the fact that in the Bible these acts are described as sin and an abomination to God.

When a thief steals something, the term "ripped off" is applied. If someone steals an automobile, it is called "joy-riding". Our society's conscience has been so seared, everything has becom acceptable. When someone takes another's life, they are said to be temporarily insane. This should go without saying. Anyone in their right mind would never take another life. But this does not justify the act of murder. The church has become so callous that fornicators, adulterers, and sodomites are allowed to attend, and nothing is said about their sin. Many churches allow these abominations to stand in their pulpits, even ordaining them to spread their perverted ways. How can God not judge a nation who has made a mockery out of His Holy Word?

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