Y2K and God's Coming Judgment

The judgment hand of God has truly turned against this sinful, godless nation. As we witness God's judgment on the sins of the heads of many nations, including the United States, we wonder how much longer we have before God's judgment is complete.

Another judgment that looms on the horizon is what the experts call Y2K, or the Millennium Bug. Many computers are not programmed to deal with the year 2000. This happens because 40 years ago the first computer programmers used only the last tow digits of the year. So when the year 2000 comes the computer will think it is 1900. So what will happen? The computers will either become confused, sending out false data, or the computer will crash or simply shut down. This event will affect every person on planet earth. There will be disruptions in our ability to produce electric. Our phone service will be spasmatic at best, and at worse the phones will not work. Banks who are not Y2K compliant will have to close because their computer will fail. Transportation, communication, and satellites will be affected.

Take a minute and think how your life will change if we lose our electric, phone service. Trains and trucks will not operate. The bank will close. The stock market will not be able to buy or sell. These are only local problems. We are part of a global economy. With the financial problems in Japan and the whole Middle East, Russia, Europe, and South America, the whole financial world could collapse when the computers go down. It is certainly time to get as close to our God as we can, and prepare physically and spiritually for the worst, and pray for the best.

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