Y2K Chaos, Saints of God Be Warned

The multitudes are being warned about the Y2K problem also called the Millennium Bug. Our government has chosen to play down and cover up this coming disaster. Even though at the same time they are preparing their underground bomb shelters with large amounts of prepared foods, water, and everything needed for their survival. All the while, suppressing the news and keeping those who they are supposed to be serving in the dark.

We are constantly informed we are part of a global economy. When a major economy fails, it has a direct effect on our economy. This has certainly happened in Russia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America. Our export market has dwindled and our imports have increased, adding to our trade deficit. The economy is only one of the many problems we face. We know there are over 8000 electrical systems in this nation all grided together. When one system fails it affects all the systems in a general area, causing brown-outs, black-outs and general failure of the whole electrical system. When our electric fails, as it will, we will witness the fulfillment of Revelation 18:23 where we read, "the light of the candle (electric) will shine nor more at all in thee". SAINTS OF GOD BE WARNED! Be prepared and seek your God. This is not the second coming of our Lord, but it is the beginning of His wrath poured out upon a wicked and degenerate nation who have forsaken their God.

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