The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant reveals seven things in our lives: God's Presence, His protection, His provision, His power, His peace, His praise, and His perfection. Many words have come forth that the Ark of God's presence is about to move in our lives. We witness this in God's Word when David was going to bring the Ark back to Mt. Zion. The Ark of God had sat in the house of Abinadab since it was returned from the Philistines. It was in David's heart to bring the Ark of God's presence back to where it belonged, "in Jerusalem, the true place of worship." David's heart was pure in this matter, but he forgot God's order. David set the ark on a new cart to return it to God's ordained place. Like many today, David decided to use modern means to accomplish this. Many have forgotten the way God has ordained. They try to please God with their modernism and have forsaken the ancient paths.

One of the oxen stumbled which was pulling the new cart. Anytime we leave God's ordained paths, we always stumble. Only God's way is the right way. When the oxen stumbled, the Ark (God's presence) was shaken on the new cart. Uzzah, whose name means "the strength of God," put forth his hand to secure the Ark. When he did this, he was killed.

After this incident the Ark was placed in the house of Obededom, whose name means "servant of Adam," or those who serve the flesh. For some time now the presence of God in people's lives is only allowed when it serves the flesh. These are willing to serve God as long as there is no cost, no inconvenience, and no commitment to be made. God is about to remove His presence from the house of Obededom, and place it in those who are in the place of true worship, who recognize His Lordship and His sovereignty in their lives.

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