A World Gone Crazy

We live in a world that has grown crazy. All we hear is: "Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism." The news media and politicians have worked the people up into a mass frenzy, worrying about a manufactured threat. Yet, those, who in the quiet of their homes, are spending time in their prayer closets know the politicians and war mongers might be making their plans, but it is God who has put in their hearts to bring His judgment upon a wicked and perverse society.

Let's review what this forth-coming conflict is all about. It is not about weapons of mass destruction, nor are we fighting terrorism. This whole situation is over oil, and its control. The Bush family has become multi-millionaires in the oil business. When the United States went into Kuwait under the Senior Bush, it was not to free the Kuwaits from the stranglehold Hussein had on the Kuwait people, it was to protect the flow of oil to the United States. If Hussein had been the target, then all the billions spent on that war was wasted if the oil supply was not the reason for sending troops to Kuwait.

Let's look at Afghanistan. The United States spent billions more to blow up a lot of desert and desert caves under the pretense we were trying to kill Ben Ladan. After much time and money, we discover the reason for this action was the United States wanted to build a pipe line across Afghanistan and could not obtain permission from the ruling party, so they had to be eliminated. Ben Ladan, like Hussein, was not the target - - - he was the excuse used to get the people's agreement. But again, oil was the ultimate purpose for United States soldiers being in Afghanistan.

Now the news media has worked up the people again to get them to agree to attack Iraq to eliminate another so-called mass terrorist with weapons of mass destruction. The cry is, "Let's go to war to protect the world from this one man." This was the same cry we heard about Ben Ladan, when the real reason to eliminate (murder) Hussein is oil. Iraq is the second, largest oil producer in the world, and the United States wants a friendly regime in power to assure their oil supply is safe. History will record these were Oil Wars, not to fight terrorism.

Knowing all this, we need to ask ourselves, "As God's people, is there a threat of a terrorist attack?" 9-11 has certainly proven we are viable to such attack. This attack came from the Arab nations which are primarily Moslem. History has proven both the Arabs and Moslems are a warring people. Yet very little has been done to prevent their activity in the United States. The answer to the question, "Will there be more terrorist attacks on the United States and countries abroad?" The answer is, Absolutely! But the threat now is not as great as it will be if we attack the heart of the Arab nations.

The hornet's nest is only a little threat until it is disturbed. When it is, then the price of that disturbance becomes very high. The same will be true if the United States is foolish enough to stir up the Arab hornet's nest. Already the news is reporting a cut back in oil supplies from the Middle East. We need to buckle our seat belts because we are in for a rough ride. The time we spend in God's Word and in our prayer closets will be our most valuable asset. As we read in the book of Revelation:

"And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." Revelation 17:16

9-11 was not the end, but only the beginning. God's judgment has only begun. He is wanting this nation to repent, but it will not. Because His Word cannot be altered or changed, it will come to pass, just as it was prophesied because He knew the end from the beginning. We need to get in the Father's hands. That is the only safe place to be. Amen.

George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick and the Harvest Team at New Foundations Ministries


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