Today the Spirit is proclaiming like a sounding trumpet

The Time of Harvest Is At Hand

We hear from people from across the earth that there is a Spiritual awakening in God's people, those who are being shaken awake by the completion of God's Word in their lives. As some are being Spiritually awakened, most of the church continues to sleep in their comfortable pews and their apathetic way of life. But God will have a people, a people who are created in righteousness and true holiness, Praise the Lord!

Truly our hearts sing and rejoice as we witness God's hand as we travel and minister the gospel of the Kingdom! We have been able to minister to those who would not darken a church door. These have a heart for God and the truths of His Word. These who have left the church system need fellowship and ministry so badly.

These are truly the ones Jesus spoke of when He related the story of the man who had 100 sheep and one went astray. The word astray means "err". It also means "to wonder or be deceived".

Today, those who have left the church have been deceived and driven away. Many have left the church system, but they have not left God, and are still a part of His Body. These still love God and read His Word. Most have been wounded very deeply and need healing. The churches that speak the truth are few and far between.

Many are unable to get to these churches and fellowship with God's people, "assembling themselves together". So their spiritual mentality is low. They feel lost and alienated from God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Someone needs to extend a hand that they may know they are not totally alone and forsaken by God or their brothers and sisters. These need to be brought back. The Father loves the one as much as He does the ninety and nine,

We witness God moving wondrously and miraculously to bring to light the hidden things of darkness that have been in their lives and the doctrines of men which they have been taught. We discover many small groups that are meeting together and discovering the true fellowship of God in their lives. We continually praise the Lord that He has allowed us to be a part of this wilderness ministry.

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