The Shepherd's Purse

God has given us every herb for medicine

B Complex Thyme

Baby, calming Chamomile

Baby, bath Chamomile + powdered milk

Back spasms Thyme

Bacteriocide Elecampane, Garlic-Allium sativum-defined-Barlow

Bathe Burdock root lessens bacteria on skin

Bedwetting Catmint+marjoram, Bearberry-Arctostaphylos-Uva-ursi

Bile production Yellow Dock, Rosemary-raises blood pressures

Biliousness Rhubarb root

Birth, after Dandelion leaves xl fluid reducer, restore

Birthing Parsley-after, Yarrow after birth for tears

Bladder Echinacea rootinfection, Yellow Dock-improves functions, Althea Root, Uva Ursi-infection-Arctostaphylos uva ursi-Tincture-Barlow, Shepherd's purse-abscesses, Celery Seed-disorders, Flax seed, Joe Pye Weed-stones-Eupatorium purpureum, pink-Barlow, Golden Ragwort-toner-Senecio aureus-Tincture-Barlow, Burdock root year 1-Arctium lappa-Infusion-Barlow, Spearmint-gravel or stones in-Mentha viridis spicata-Infusion-Barlow

Bleeding, external Cranesbill Wild Alum Root, Wild Geranium

Bleeding, stops Cayenne Internally & externally

Blemished skin Yellow Dock

Blisters Gum Plant Grindelia robusta

Blood builder Yellow Dock-iron xl, Parsley

Blood cleanser Red Clover+garlic, Bee Balm, Burdock root

Blood clotting Yarrow to improve blood clotting, Yellow Clover to prevent clotting, Cayenne+Garlic to dissolve blood clots, Feverfew-Chrysanthemum parthenium-INHIBITS blooc clotting, Yellow Clover-anti vitamin K properites-PREVENTS,

Blood diseases Burdock root year 1 Arctium lappa Infusion Barlow

Blood disorders Alfalfa, Chickweed-Stellaria media

Blood poisoning Echinacea root, Plantago-Plantago major-Poultice-Barlow

Blood pressure, low Rosemary-raises blood pressure, Parsley

Blood pressure Dandelion root high & low regulator,Hawthorne Berry-high or low, Cayenne-Stabilizes-Infusion-Barlow

Blood pressurehigh Sassafras+Althea root, Fennel Seed, Cayenne, Garlic +, Caraway, Parsley, Hyssop, Oregano Flax Seed Oil lowers and maintains, Juniper, Celery Seed-Calcium channel blocker, Althea Root, Licorice, Angelica root, Motherwort lowers, Tarragon, Hawthorne Berry-high or low, Valerian, Astragalus-Chinese Milkvetch-lowers, Barberry-Berberis vulgaris, Black Cohosh-Cimicifuga racemosa-Infusion-Barlow, Blue Cohosh-Caulophyllum thalictroides -Extract-Barlow, Blood pressure normalizer-Ephedra-Decoction-Barlow,

Blood Purification Red Clover, Burdock, Chickweed, Dandelion Root, Echinacea-Echinacea purpurea-Decoction-Barlow, Oregon Grape-Mahonia aquifolium-InfusionBarlow, Rose Hips, Yeloow Dock-Rumex crispus-Decoction-Barlow, Red Clover flower-Trifolium pratense- Combo-Infusion-Barlow, Blue Cohosh

Blood, spitting of Elecampane

Blood sugar adjusts Licorice root, Burdock root-regulates, Ginseng lowers it

Blood tired Mugwort Artemisia vulgaris stimulant

Body Odor Anise Seed

Body cleanser Aloe Aloe vera Infusion Barlow

Boils Rhubarb root, Red Clover-antibiotic ointment, Fennugreek-Emollient poultice, Dandelion root + burdock, Yellow Dock, Golden Seal Root, Althea Root, Flax seed-poultice for inflammed, Alfalfa-Medico sativa-dried leaves, Lobelia-Lobelia inflata-Tincture-Barlow, Burdock root year 1-Arctium lappa-Poultice-Barlow, Chickweed-Stellaria media-Poultice-Barlow, Flax seed-Linum usitatissimum-Poultice-inflammed-Barlow, Echinacea-Echinacea purpurea-+yellow dock-Decoction-Barlow, Plantago-Plantago major-Poultice-Barlow

Bone reconstitute Alfalfa

Bones, broken, crushed Comfrey Symphytum officinale Infusion Barlow

Bowels Summer Savory, YellowDock-reduces inflammation, Althea Root, Poppy Seed-bowel pain-Caution, Plantain-bowel pain, Alfalfa-blood disorders-medico sativa-dried leaves, Red Raspberry-laxity of bowels, Parsley, promote bowels

Brain function Psyllium seed

Breast swelling Carawy-Carum carvi-poultice, Chervil-Choerophyllum sativum poultice,-boiled in water, Peppermint-pulp, Elder berry flowers-Sambucus canadensis-Barlow

Breath, bad Echinacea root + Myrrh gum, Cloves, Fennel Seed, Rosemary, Alfalfa-Medico sativa-dried leaves- chlorophyll, Parsley, Anise Seed

Breath, shortness Elecampane, Thyme

Bright's disease Uva Ursi

Bronchial Anise Seed, Allspice, Elecampane-favorite remedy, Bee Balm, Peppermint, Wild Cherry Bark, Althea Root, Elder Flower, Mullein leaves-erbascum thapsus+Lobelia-Barlow, Cloves-expectorant, Uva Ursi, Bearberry-Arctostaphylos-Uva-ursi, Wild Anise-Pimpinella anisum-1 t. seeds, clear air passages, Bronchitis-Garlic-Allium sativum-Juice-Barlow, Lobelia-Lobelia inflata-Infusion-Barlow, Chickweed-Stellaria media-Infusion-Barlow, Oregano-bronchial passages, Flax seed-bronchi inflammed-Poultice-Linum usitatissimum-Barlow, Lemon Balm-bronchi inflammed, Catalpa flowers-chronic bronchitis, Oregano, Slippery Elm, Barley-Chicken Broth with cabbage, Angelica Roots-chronic bronchitis-tonic, Caraway, Licorice Root-soothing expectorant, Echinacea-viral infection, coltsfoot-coughs, Thyme, Fenuugreek, Yellow Dock-chronic bronchitis, Myrrh, Sun Flower Seeds, Black Cohosh-painful expectoration, Catnip, Horehound, Hyssop, Red Clover, Spearmint, Sweet Flag, Rosemary,

Bruises Shepherd's purse-ointment, Bittersweet-Solanum dulcamara-external + curly dock, Elder berry-Sambucus canadensis-Infusion-Barlow, Arnica -Arnica alpina-Fomentation- see Barlow,

Bruises, internal Elecampane, Comfrey-Symphytum officinale-Infusion-Barlow

Bug killer Bee Balm

Bulk former Flax seed

Bunions Flax seed poultice for inflammed

Burns, healing Comfrey-Symphytum officinale-poultice-see Barlow, Slippery Elm+Raspberry, removes proud flesh, Yellow Dock, Calendula, Plantain ointment, Rhubarb root, Aloe-Aloe vera-for acute burns-Ointment-Barlow

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