The Shepherd's Purse

God has given us every herb for medicine

Ulcers Uva Ursi, Alfalfa prevents, Burdock Root for skin ulcers, Yellow Dock, Licorice Root soothes, Aloe Vera infusion-Barlow, Gumweed-infusion-Barlow, Echinacea+Golden Seal decoction-Barlow

Urethritis Uva Ursi-infection-tincture-Barlow

Uric acid Juniper + alfalfa

Urinary irritations Licorice root-soothing, Uva Ursi for tract infection, Red Raspberry juice, Juniper for frequent, pain, difficult+Alfalfa, Yarrow, Alfalfa, Parsley-tract infection, Golden Seal Root cleanses, Shepherd's Purse, Dandelion Root cleanses, Marshmallow-infusion leaves for infection of tract, Alfalfa-dried leves for infection, Ginger for infection, Catnip to start urination-infusion-Barlow, Couch Grass Rhizomes for painful-infusion-Barlow, St. John's Wort, Parsley to increase urine, Shepherd's Purse-bloody urine-infusion-Barlow, Spearmint for suppressed urine-tincture-Barlow, Burdock Root year 1-infusion to clear urine-Barlow

Utereus Golden Seal Root, Fennugreek-lining swelling, Golden Ragwort toning Tincture-Barlow, Poppy Seed for cramps-caution, Shepherd's Purse for cramps, Red Raspberry-strengthenes uterine muscle-use leaf ice, Uva Uris-contraction stimulant, Parsley-after birth stimulant, Blue Cohosh-tonic-Barlow, Yellow Clover-uterine pains-infusion-Barlow, Blue Cohosh for subinvolution-infusion-Barlow, Golden Seal Root for inflammed-tincture-Barlow, Shepherd's Purse stops bleeding,

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