New Foundations Ministries

History In Light of the Bible

by George Kirkpatrick

The Lord has called us to make known the riches of His glory
which is Christ in you, the Hope of Glory
. Colossians 1:27

His Story
History Capsule  -   Seven Thousand Year Days
Between The Two Testaments, The 400 Silent Years  
The Two Thousand Year Day of the Church Age
The Virgin Birth of the United States
The History of a Once Godly Nation
The History of the United States   1914 - 2014  
The History of America's Children
The History of America's Culture
History Leading Up to the Beast Kingdom
Who is Preparing For the Coming Day of Battle?
What Lies Ahead?
Do Not Despair - There Is Hope!
The Coming Millennial Day
The Early and Latter Rain

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