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27      God's Will In My Life

27b    How To Lead Someone To the Lord

29      Do Others See God In You

30      One Nation Under God

31      Choose Whom You Will Serve

33      You Are Invited . . .

34      Rejoice In Thy Youth

34b    King Of The Mountain

35      The Cradle Is Empty

36      Decision Time

37      Jeremy's Testimony

38      Our Forgotten Motto

39      Let Us Consider One Another

40a    Put On The Whole Armour of God

42      Put Off The Old Man and Put On The New Man

43      Praise and Joy

46      The Fruit of the Spirit

47      Life

49     God's Love Never Changes

50     Being Part Of The Crowd

52     Drugs Don't Open Doors They Close Them

53     A Perfect Time For Anticipation and Shared Promises

56    We Gotta' Walk Our Talk

57     How Do We Pray

58     Make The Right Decision

59     Why We Are Chosen

60     Brainwashed

61     Can We Lose Our Salvation

62     Who Did The Choosing

63    What Is Wrong With Our Country

64     The Word vs The World

66     An Inspiring Story 

67     Do You Want To Be Blessed?   

68     Everything Is Possible

69     Without Love

70     Gold Plated, 10K, 24K, or Transparent Gold

71     Do You Know?

72     Our Conscience

73     Do You Know

74     Framed

75     So What Do We Know

76     Thou Shalt Not Follow A Multitude To Do Evil  

77     A Sixteen Year Old's Perspective on President Clinton

78     Peer Pressure

80     Who Are You In Christ?

81     The Young Men and Women of the 42nd Generation

82     How To Avoid Falling Into A Trap

83     Who Are The Young Men

84      Know God  -  No Fear

Hey YOUth! If you have scriptures or an experience that you would like to share, please write to us; we'd love to hear from you!

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