"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people, that ye should show forth the praises of Him who hath called ye out of darkness, into His marvelous light."I Peter 2:9


Are You Interested In Knowing God ?

The times are drawing near
This time with parents should be very dear.

When Christ Jesus is in the parent's lives
They are a strong foundation
and you can trust the God in them.

It is important, youths
to have Godly direction
in this day and age

God is good to the youth
and will always watch over you
He sees what you think and do
So this message is for you

God put in on my heart to ask,
"Are you obeying your parents?
Think real hard before answering
You must me truthful
Because God knows your hearts.

God's Word says,
"Honor thy Father and Mother".
So listen to what they say,
and take heed and obey.

Remember, they love you, and so do I
May God continue to bless you all, Amen!         Tommy Donaldson

The Great Supper

In Luke 14:7-24 it talks about preparing a supper, and inviting the poor to eat. In verse 12, it says when you make a supper, you don't call your friends because they will think, "I have to have him over sometime." God wants us to call the poor, the maimed, the lame, and the blind as it says in verse 13. We are told to do this because the poor can't repay us.

In verse 17, a man had prepared a supper and sent his servant to call his friends. In verses 18 - 20, they made excuses. One had a new wife, one had new oxen, one had a piece of land. So in verse 21 the man sent his servant to get the poor, the maimed, the halt, and the blind. When the servant had done this, he was sent out again to fetch some more.

God wants us to call all the people that don't have much because they can't repay us. The people that don't have food and water don't have God's Word in them. God's Word is that food and water, and without it we won't live.   Joe Spearman, age 13

Come and dine! The Master calleth, Come and dine!
You may feast at Jesus' table all the time

He who fed the multitude
Turned the water into wine
To the hungry calleth now,
Come and dine!

Come and share your words to grow by with this generation!

New Foundations Publications is pleased to add "The Chosen Children Newsletter". Our sincere desire is to provide God's chosen children of this generation with the sincere milk of God's Word to grow thereby.

Come and share your words to grow by with this generation!

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