The Apple of God's Eye
by Jo Ann Glasco

During the past thirteen months, The Lord has spoken into my spirit three times about the country of Israel . He has placed their political activities on my heart as well as the welfare of their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu .

Yet, this month was a fourth time . Now, the grief of God is great for this tiny nation, for they are called the "apple of His eye" in His Holy Word .

There will be an attempt on Netanyahu's life -
This comes from the extensive terrorism and strife .
The blow will come
from a detonated bomb .

Again, it is said, there will be an attempt on Netanyahu's life .
He will survive only to meet with more strife
Some citizens of his country look for ways
to prepare him for the last of his days .

The enemy from within
destroyed Yitzhak Rabin -
The plans for destruction have not been seen
for surely there are those who would desire a kill
Just beyond Golgotha's hill .

An inside man has access to the
Knesset meetings -
He has even participated in the informal greetings :

Annihilating a head of state
Would be doing his God a favor -
Murdering a leader would appease his spirit of hate .

My hedge of protection
Surrounds this leader that I've ordained .
My hand is upon him, and he is one called by My name -
Angels' Bands have been loosed to protect the elect .

His enemies say this is an intractable man
who will not hesitate to take a stand
for a safe and secure haven in an ancient land .

Accolades and popularity are sacrificed
for an abidable peace
in historical lands of the Middle East .

The beast is walking about and through the Middle East
Gathering the powers and principalities
Who will fight God's people
Who want only safety and peace .

The Middle East will find no peace .
There has been no plan made
That will stop this pressure
Created and sent from Hades .

A meeting at the assigned time
Will only fuel the enemy's purpose and design -
Greed, murder, and lies
Will manifest through the heathens' words and ways .

It is no wonder that all efforts and humanistic design
placed on the table dies .

Once again, Netanyahu will succeed
in bringing the Palestinians to their knees ;
Arafat will make a political move
That will make some think that he is siding with the Jews .

What of the plans of the New World Order
to secure peace for Israel's borders ?
What of the plan to neutralize and nullify
Israel's sovereign state ?
Has Jerusalem become Israel's capitol too late ?

The leaders of the middle eastern countries
Combined with the members of the United Nations
are all players in this end time prophesy game ;

It is very important for watchmen to know and listen
As I begin to loosen cords and bonds
That have been tied up for years -

My prophesies will unfold
and will be heard by willing ears .

Do not look at the circumstances
or the expressions on man's face -

It will soon be time to proclaim My judgments
to all the human race .

Deuteronomy 32: 9-10

9. For the Lord's portion is his people ; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance .

10 . He found him in a desert land , and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about , he instructed him , he kept him as the apple of his eye.

Lamentations 2:18

Their heart cried unto the Lord , O wall of the daughter of Zion , let tears run down like a river day and night : give thyself no rest ; let not the apple of thine eye cease .

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