A Nation Has Been Robbed

And It Has Been Called Ichobod
by Jo Ann Glasco

All of our last current events have been part of the fallout in the Spiritual realm -

Daily happenings have been assigned, and they are definitely entwined with the judgments like the rain, as they move at a more rapid peace to the earth from outer space .

The new year will bring sobriety and pensivity of an otherwise cynical, headstrong race of people .

People whose lives were once so predictably blessed
Who didn't have to live through extremes in nature's tests
or even social upheaval and economic unrest .

The economy hangs by a string
Thus far they have inflated the dollars and made them stretch -
Wall Street stays busy , busy as the stock go up and down -
The balance will be tripped by a foreigner of renown .

The balance of `96 will be tipped
causing the upheaval of `97 .
Fear will be in the air everywhere -
Prayerful made plans should be made for each trip.

New terrorism arrives in this country which thrives on peace
Much of it is homegrown -- not all is sent from the Middle East ;
Safe trips and journeys will come to a halt -
Each venture we take must be given prayerful thought.

Morality and value systems will take a greater fall -
Many wonder how mush worse this can be -
Since this nation has removed itself from Jehovah God
Diabolical accomplishments are run by the enemy,
and the fall can be seen by all .

No neighborhood is really safe -
Assigned guards , securities, and additional Police
Make this a nation bound in fear and intrepidation -
Anxiety , despair, and depression fill this nation
Once held together by Godly trust , peace and traditions.

"Youth Culture" and its great influence
has permeated every area in the environment .
No young person escapes the mark of its contamination -
No one remains unmarked -
This diabolical spirit is subtle, and familiarity (sends a dart)
to the taste of the heart .

The established church reflects the desires and tastes of the youth
The smuggled idol is covered with Christ's words
without this deception, it looks like the world .
He looked upon their hearts - He discerns their motive .

Many times it is to express this generation's
gifts bound with lust and pride-
They have put humility aside .
Ichobod was written here
and the Spirit has disappeared.

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JoAnne Glasco