by Jo Ann Glasco

God would say unto us, To build an ark
To counteract the coming storms .

The ark was divinely built and saved Noah and his family -
Take heed to this warning, so we will be
found pure and blameless for His coming.

A place of safety when nearby dangers
Come to plague those who overcome .

When all is well, many fall into complacency -
They cannot see the coming assignments as they
approach one by one .

Just as in the days of Noah
So will be the coming of the son of man.

Remember that I've told you of this many times beforehand.
We are not fighting with flesh and blood
But with powers and principalities never seen before by man .

This new generation will experience
The judgments that I've called are now coming to pass .

Many still are not ready to brave the storms
Sent to disturb the economy, institutions,
and nature roars with a fiery blast .

Jesus would say , I am the only way
to the ark of safety for these last days.
Come unto Me , hide yourself in Me
and cover yourself with my words and ways .
Safekeeping will be yours -- you must not delay .

Just as in the ark of old
Noah sealed the wood and coverings against the cold -
No water or other outside force
could penetrate the vessel of which many stories have been told .

Noah's ark can still be found
as it sits on a mount high above the ground.

The way, inside, is to flee wordily contamination -
Lay down every weight , every care -

Avoid all of Satan's traps and snares
For the coming days ahead, stay prepared, prepared.

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JoAnne Glasco