Instructions For The Laborers

by Jo Ann Glasco

The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear
for He now wants us to hear
what the Spirit is saying to the churches this year
in these accelerated times and the decadent atmosphere.

God's love will be demonstrated
through the gifts of the Spirit and how they will be administered
to a host of dying people
who have been devastated by daily horrors `-

Cast down your selfish desires and be sensitive to their sorrows .
Now is the time , Saints , to take
those teachings you have acquired
to the multitudes who are bound and mired
in satanic captivity and supernatural fires .

Do not fear men's glances
As you perform and yield to the Spirit ;
Minister to mankind as God advances -

Allow Him to extend life and pour His power through you
As you live and love as the spiritual Jew .

For you there will be temptations
to be dull of hearing and lethargic concerning these new revelations -

Laying down the self-life is a required sacrifice to Me
As I prepare and present the harvest ,
predestined for all eternity
to a generation who will walk in ancient Biblical prophesy .

Prepare yourself!
As you lay prostrate at my Holy hill
come with clean hands and a pure heart
(This must be done before you can perform your part) .

Lie between the porch and the altar
Allowing tears to flow from weeping eyes
Along with prayers of supplication and groans
Give way, as a sweet-smelling incense and fragrance

Comes before the throne .
There will be no time
to recant the hours of lost valuable time
that has been spent on worldly entertainment ;

Time wasted on frivolous activities and cares of this world ;
Guard each precious hour, as it is a precious jewel
To be admired and treasured -

To be prepared in this hour of tumultuous times
will take spiritual discipline to cross satanic lines-

Infiltration of the enemy's camp
will require a full portion of oil in your lamp.

At the same time , placing both of your hands in Mine
As you move upward to Mount Zion.

Saints, lay down daily frustrations and habitual procrastination
come into the Holy place,
and I will give you opportunity to march and advance
with power to the lost and dying human race .

Cry and weep for this lost generation
for those who will live under the judgments of this great nation

As you intercede with prayers in your closet
I will make you to overcome -
A heavenly reward will be yours
as the harvest comes through the veil, one by one .

Oh, precious ones -- dear children of Mine ,
This message is given with My love -

Receive this and honor the God who sees your every move from above .
Know and remember that I am in you, and you are in Me -
and in you, I have planted a righteous tree .

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JoAnne Glasco