A Dream  II
by Jo Ann Glasco

I had this dream shortly after I had received the Holy Spirit . At the time, I thought it was so profound and realistic . During this day, very few had ears to hear in the prosperous church .

There were terrible storms -- a terrible hurricane with tornadoes and other climatic devastations . We took refuge in our houses . The winds and rain tried to come in the doors and windows if we did not shut them tightly . We had to immediately seal all openings to our house to protect ourselves from devastation .

Just as soon as we thought the storm was over, another one would come - even worse than the last one . There was a lull in the storm, and we could step outside - devastation, death and total destruction were everywhere . Many people were killed, totally wiped out . Others were wandering around in a state of shock . Many were seeking help, any kind that they could get .

There were so many opportunities for sharing the gospel and ministry . We didn't even have to look for it - it came to us . As we began to take care of needs, signs and wonders manifested as the Holy Spirit willed.

People were walking up to us asking for help . They wanted to receive Christ . They were associates that I could never share with before . In the past, they shunned anything that pertained to Christ. I remember seeing them coming from everywhere seeking help .

I saw myself casting out a spirit of divination and familiar spirit out of a woman who was following me. She kept trying to tell me the name of the articles in my purse . From that incident, I was able to witness the truth to her, and she believed .

Casting out devils and exercising my spiritual authority in every way were the order of the day .


Cataclysmic events from judgments poured out upon the earth - we must keep our watch up lest any of it tarnish or damage our houses (Body, soul and spirit) ... keeping the doors and windows shut . With the Word of God warns us that this will be the only way to flee worldly contamination .

It will be easy to be lulled back to sleep when things quiet down . As God's spiritual army, we must stay in a state of preparedness for things that are suddenly going to happen on the earth .

We cannot put off getting ready any longer . The harvest will be right outside our door made ready by our Lord .

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JoAnne Glasco