Abiding In The Vine
by Jo Ann Glasco

My children, come drink of this water
for you will see
I will bring you a cup of Victory .
Drink of this new wine -
Know of the revelation of being ingrafted into the Vine .

For you are a righteous tree
That I've set aside to bless humanity .

Taste of My body, drink of My blood
for I am pouring My life into you
as you pour out your life and walk in God's love

You know you have nothing to lose
fore My one way is the way you did choose ;

In your life, the Holy Spirit will be a fixture
if you begin to remove the mixture

Lay down those things that so easily beset you
as you walk in love, power, and truth .

Yes, My children,
The price has already been paid -

Your Master did this as He was betrayed
by a disciple who was deceived and walked in blindness

He did not know the Lord came to rule the world
in love and kindness.

Praise Me with all of your heart -
I will pour out joy and love and spiritual gifts to you -

Delight yourselves in Me
and I will give you the desires of your of your heart -

Also, you will see the enemy's fiery darts depart .

Do not let My plans and designs be laid aside
for now they must come to the forefront ;

Seek to be part of My bride
for I desire to come for you -

The road that the few will take is straight and narrow
Avoid the way many will walk that is broad and wide
Better to be humbled than filled with spiritual pride.

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JoAnne Glasco