The Signs of the Fig Tree
by Jo Ann Glasco

I went to a Holy Spirit led Prayer Meeting and began to think about the subjects that the Spirit led us to intercede for . The bombing in Iraq, and the impeachment of the president were not even mentioned .

The Spirit of the Lord said unto Me, We didn't even Pray for the current events of international consequence.  Also the ultra determination of our Congress to impeach the President with little conscience.

As the Lord God would say, "Even if Noah and Job had Prayed
My mind is made up
My hand will net stay
The judgements that are to be, are now being poured out ."

All of these things that are coming pass
Will be found in Ezekiel and Jeremiah - Alas,
Modern man has not learned that My Holy book holds
the Key to Knowledge and Prophetic Words of the Past,

Present and Future - My ways do not change
My word dictates how the winds of Judgement will blow

Once My plan is set in motion
Man cannot change My mind through his devotion

I hear the Prayers of those crying out to me
for repentance and individual needs .

My arm is not shortened that it cannot save
But Know My words Have Come True

I'm through striving with wicked idolatrous men
It is now time they pray for their sins.

The Whole International Community and the U. S. A .
have been warned .
My Prophets and watchmen are still blowing their horns

My natural disasters have been seen by the world through
the Media's eyes, and yet, they ignore those truths
and would rather turn their necks and believe the lies.

In this current stage of enlightment, where wisdom and Knowledge have been given to man as it has in no other age The technology of every kind  that has taken over every instituiton that has been erected for these modern times will be destroyed as the old tower of Babel and the high idolations Networks of Communication will be watched by every man, as it begins to unravel.

How will My children prepare for the on coming blast
and the winds that seem to come from nowhere ?

How will My chosen ones survive the coming uprising
of rebellions groups that clash physically with Police and foreign troops ?

In the past, I have sheltered and protected this country from lawlessness and the terror that comes from Pharaoh's books

Take My Word and use it as your daily guide
listen to My voice and I will tell you how to survive

There will be a great sacrifice
as you see the old ways return
and modern conveniences
are no longer a way of life .

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JoAnne Glasco