Daniel 2:21 - 22
by Jo Ann Glasco

Have no fear
pay no attention to what you hear
My presence is always near

This move of the Spirit is ordained by Me
My works will be for all to see

I have called My people from far and wide
a people who will not stray from My side

My army will march over the area
Going from place to place
gathering people from every race

Oh let the people give me their ear
and I will calm their fears
Let them give Me their hearts
and I will show them their parts

Restoration Power is going out
Even as My Word is nigh your mouth

My Word and My Spirit will give you direction
As you tell others of My resurrection

The trumpets are sounding
As My grace is abounding

Give to those in need
you will lack for nothing
for all is in Me

Unity, unity is My great desire
without it My army will surely expire

Worship Me, Praise Me, Love Me with all of your might
Then you will safely see and experience My Great light

We have come to the time and hour
When saints will come forth in My Might and Power

Obedience and Submission is what I require today
My Mercy and grace will help you to stay and pray

The hour is late and there isn't much time
I have one more line in this Prophetic rhyme

Prepare for the bridegroom who is soon
coming in an unknown hour

Be watchful
or My Words and commands will the enemy devour

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JoAnne Glasco