An American Tragedy
by Jo Ann Glasco

The American people are in a stupor
As rapid-firing judgments have caught them off guard
They are forced to look at what is really happening in their own backyard.

When will we be able to tell
If these events and assignments are coming to us from hell
Or from an angry God who is tired of the rancorous smell?

The poured out wrath
Is being felt and witnessed as it crosses every man's path.

The time has come when we can anticipate
The arrival of the foretold judgments
That we had all hoped would be arriving at a later date.

Do we think that long ago God did not notice?
For the citizens began to forsake prayer and the Ten Commandments

They have begun acting dazed as those who devoured the white lotus.
The blood of live fetuses and murdered children cries out from the ground.

Much innocent blood has and is being shed
Many souls have been lost and never found;

Unnatural affection and abuse
Have placed the necks of many families in a noose.

Our moral fiber is broken
Godly principles and Christ's example
Are only acknowledged with a mere token

As a nation, we have turned our back on God
And we will learn to recognize and feel
The yoke of captivity and bondage
Of Pharaoh's jack-booted heel.

The U. S. Military basically has outdated weapons
Even though we have current updated technology.

They will slide into a black hole of effigy;
Cataclysmic events will send out shock waves
And create an environment with such things that make no sense.

Modern man will soon learn that the high tech military is not the answer.
A better and more sure way could be found
If we had only inquired of the Lord

On how to fight our enemies on the ground.
The Biblical prophesy of wars and rumors of war is now in play
As our God moves our universe into the last of the last days.

The spirit of Nebuchadnezzar has spilled over from nation to nation
Fear moves into panic as man comes to the realization
That evil men have been elected and appointed
To be used as designated judgment rods
To punish idolatry and sin by Jehovah God.

Yes, the American people have lost their inheritance
The current crimes against society and God are without recompense;
The hedge around this country is down.
Don't frown -- Just prepare and get ready for the countdown.

Oh, America, open your eyes!
As we have advanced we are becoming less wise
As we prosper and boom
We are falling morally to our doom.

The people would rather believe a lie
Than know the truth so they could live and not die.

We are like rabbits caught in a snare
The tree is sprung while we sit quietly and stare
Afraid to move, not knowing when or where

The fear and suddenness have stunned us
And we sit silently, hoping the events can't be true
After all, the polls say that we've never been better off,
And we still don't have a clue.

I asked, oh, Lord,
What about those who hear and love your Word?
Will they be able to stand
As the winds of judgment blow
And the vials are poured out upon the land?

The Lord would say unto us this day
My sheep know my voice
I am calling now for all of My people
To flee worldly contamination
To live lives of holiness and sanctification.

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JoAnne Glasco