The Wind
by Jo Ann Glasco

There will be a mighty rushing wind
The wind will fan the coals
that have been smoldering for years;

No fire or flame has ever come from it
Man has not had the ability to extinguish
or revitalize it;
The Great Harvest is here.

The fan is in My hand, says the Lord.
These works that I do --
No credit will be given to any man.

With my breath, I breathe on the dry places laid waste --
I breathe upon the dry bones scattered
throughout each place.

No man will be able to stop these works that I have prepared--
To both judge and deliver my people
Which are ensnared.

I am speaking to the watchman over the earth
to bring my sayings to those who have ears to hear
Those who will love Me above all things,
which are of any worth.

His fan is stirring up the stench that is in this country.
The foulness of the odor has reached
the nostrils of God and sanctified man.
This stench has brought forth the outpouring of the wrath
and oncoming judgments to the nation of America.

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JoAnne Glasco