Prepare for the Battle

Prophecy given to JoAnn Glasco

Jo Ann has been very ill having suffered both a stroke and parasites in one eye which have left that eye blind. Please pray for her. In these prophetically inspired prose, you will find much to pray on as we both wait for the Lord's return.

Shelve the worldly news
The people are deceived and confused
They do not know if they are loyal or fickle
The last year's political daliances have left us in a pickle

Law offices are opening daily as we try to turn the tide
We sit and wonder who it is we can really confide
Airplanes soar across the crowded skies
No one seems to notice the country's in a state of demise

Where is the leader that we still lack?
It seems they left the country and forgot to come back
Oh where are those who once knew the truth?
Blindness and deception cloud the minds of those in the states employ
Our country staggers while they live these days out with no joy

Be still and listen to the prophetic wail
He shouts God's message as we watch the markets and institutions fail
The truth is still around, but it is no longer visible
And has begun to go underground

Silver and Gold will soon be of no value
Only the card and number will be used
We sometimes think of the simplicity of coins and dollars
Banks revolve and become places of nostalgia
The changes are a way of life but have left many confused
And homes have become dens of worldliness and strife
The spiritual darkness so thick and in most we feel no life

The Lord warned His people of these coming days
He pleaded in His word for us to repent and change our ways
Now the only answers can be found in His word
Man's knowledge is faltering and it is time to step aside
and leave the thundering herd

Think on the words of the heavenly message and the sound
of the trumpets blast
God moves His people into a new way of living
that is different from the past
We can no longer look to man
They have no answers on how the country must be run

Consider the atmosphere and the air that you breathe
Pray in your homes and in your cars as you put in the keys
Every hour, think on today and practice God's way
or we will not survive these last of days
Biological warfare moves across the waves
Prepare to pray for saints as they turn their backs
Satan has waged a warfare and is on the attack

Use the Keys of the Kingdom
Snatch the last from the brink of hell
Take the Gospel. Spread the word -- the truth was given for you to tell
Don't hold back, walk in and share My love
This will be the only way mankind will experience
the Spiritual Dove

If it wasn't for Me you would burn for eternity
But I desire to seek and save the lost at any cost
There is a better way to live
Preach the gospel, and by your example, new hope to many I will give
The great commission is my desire
That is My will for each of My people -- to burn with spiritual fire

Catch the vision of these days ahead
This is not the time to look for a way to escape
No choices, but One will lead humanity to the Pearly Gates
Flee! Flee now from worldly contamination
Fill your lamps with oil and prepare for life's new destination

When all things seen to go wrong
Listen and I will give you a new song
Look up and listen to the heavenly choir
For moving out from under the cloud you will surely be last and will expire
There is only one way to live in the days ahead
Stay in My word so you can constantly be fed
Avoid walking in deception and spiritual blindness
Walk in My love, display My fruit, to kill the enemy's double-mindedness

It is time to separate the sheep and the goats
It is time to discern the wheat from the tares
My children you will walk and you will share
The truth is within you to set humanity free
Open your mouth and I will fill it
Carry My banner. Carry my standard, for through you Christ Jesus will be seen

Jo Ann Glasco

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