A House Divided

Prophecy given to JoAnn Glasco

Jo Ann has been very ill having suffered both a stroke and parasites in one eye which have left that eye blind. Please pray for her. In these prophetically inspired prose, you will find much to pray on as we both wait for the Lord's return.

Forward by Joann Glasko    I was awakened by a vision in the early morning of November 9, 2000. The  Lord urged me to get up and write -- the vision proceeded a prophetic rhyme.

I saw many of our enemies looking upon the presidential election in America
with glee. These men were smiling, happy, looking at the crumbling of our
institutions with evil anticipation. They represented many nations in the Mid
East -- China, Asia, Russia, and many in our own United States.

They were rubbing their hands together and drooling as if they getting ready
to devour a great feast. They had the facial expression of thieves when
capturing a valuable treasure of gold. They know that the time was near to
pick the plum from the tree that they had been waiting for.

The second vision was one of an open hand holding a balanced scale. It was
the hand of God holding our destiny of current events in the balance. (I saw
the vision daily before the election). In my spirit, I know that this was the
hand of God. He was weighing the actions of this country and Israel. It was
if He was brooding about the whole situation. The timeline and outcome are
all in His hands. Everything concerning world events has been prophesied in
His word. The judgments must come. From now on world events will be
noted by the heathen as being controlled by a divine source.

I also am anxious and await the rider on the white horse with fire in His eyes
and a crown upon His head. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


A House Divided Cannot Stand
(Government versus the People)

The country is divided and hangs in the balance
We wait only for God's allowance,
He has looked, waited, and mused at our lack of repentance
Disobedience, apathy, compliancy, can only bring about a heavenly sentence.

The Father, Jehovah God, our provider
would ask that we read the Holy Bible
and study about the apocalyptical riders
They have been loosed and ride to America,
News that can only bring grief and tears to the writer.

Many of our religious groups today have put
The Old Testament far away. We have heavenly
Instructions to study this book of old
For our God's nature is revealed in print and He is bold
Don't look back to yesterday
Memories of this great nation will soon become far away.

Your enemies clap their hands in glee and
Wait for the new presidential victory
They know the time is near for them to soon appear
Great are their armies, their intelligence, and nerve
For Satan is guiding their path to a destination
And they will not swerve
For our nation they have no revere

Things will be happening on the earth
To only bring about the Son
He is preparing to come for those who hold a lamp full of oil
And I'm saying to you now, it is not the time to get weary
Get up and go to the fields that are white for harvest -- and toil

My children, My remnant, My beloved
I have called you to go and tell of Jesus Christ's love and shed blood
You will be protected. Although many will be rejected
Be prepared to bring stares, mockery, and persecution
This was even experienced by your early writers of the Constitution

America has been blessed and prospered beyond measure
Because of the shed blood of our forefathers. It has
Always brought our God great pleasure
He has spared us from the apocalyptic four
But now, we will see them come riding by our doors

Consider the pattern of the Israelites of old
Study my word where the old story has truthfully been told
The Book is New
Because it has only been read and understood by just a few

Bring out the songs of the old saints who have died
And gone on to their heavenly home
They were given revelation of My word
I spoke to them in songs and they were written for today
It is not time to put the old songs and books away
Bring them out, sing and read of My miraculous victories
For surely as you live, you will not see them fade away.

Oh children of Israel and America
Your destinies have surely been tied together
I have blessed you with freedom
Saints and sinners enjoyed the benefits of My kingdom
But now, I have judged
My people's eyes will look up to Me
Just as in the past, I will carry you through the battles and
Schemes of the enemy.

My Called Out Ones
Don't be disturbed
All of these happenings now are written in My word
I am the God who cannot lie
Events that are now happening have already been predicted
And the horses seem to be coming from the sky

You have seen the last of the best that I have for this earth
Now you will experience the world as it was before
Jesus was given birth
Think on these things, get quiet before Me, it is time to ponder
Surely even the heathen and ignorant are beginning to wonder

I will send special soldiers who have answered the call
They don't look like what the world has called religious at all
They will be filled with the nature of My son
And prepared to sacrifice their lives for souls yet to be won
Consider the apostles and disciples of old
Their lives will be relived by those I choose

As many of you will have to flee
I will comfort and protect those who are full of me
The overcomers are now coming to the surface
Pray that you endure and will be found dressed for My service

I speak in My word of the natural and spiritual Israel
I came for and love the committed Jews
But now is the time to look up, seek me and you will find me
I've always been there
I am omnipotent. I am everywhere

Soldiers, men, women, children of God
Get your weapon ready
Remember that this sword is my word
Only that weapon can set captives free
And keep you walking in victory

Listen to the Prophets!
Don't throw them out the door
Because I have loosed the anointing of Jeremiah,
Ezekiel, Amos, Micah, and many more
The Spirit that poured through them, from Me,
Will be speaking loudly, to all people throughout the earth
Don't kill and stone them as the people did of yore
They only carry the message that through them I did pour

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