The Beginning of the End

Prophecy given to JoAnn Glasco

Jo Ann has been very ill having suffered both a stroke and parasites in one eye which have left that eye blind. Please pray for her. In these prophetically inspired prose, you will find much to pray on as we both wait for the Lord's return.

This is the beginning of the end
Can't you hear the voices chanting? "We want Blood."
There isn't much time
Prepare! Get ready for a flood
As we speak, the white face is instigating riots
Among the black race

Tribulation waters can be seen on the horizon
This generation will feel the affects
I'm telling you now so the coming events will
Not be so surprising

Christians get into your word
Do what has been told you before -- Do what you have heard
God's people have always been warned before hand
There are going to be increasing riots in the land
They won't stop! Lawlessness will prevail
Listen carefully now and you can begin to hear
All of the peoples wail and travail

Technology will allow the people to hear and see
The affects of the seeds that have been sown of iniquity
This country has been brewing like a cauldron on a fire
Now the contents are bubbling over
Many will see their lives and assets expire

For years now the trumpet has sounded
You still have experienced prosperity
And in health and wealth you have abounded
Many saints have lived and died waiting
And watching for their savior who was crucified

Now you will have time to experience
the prophecies given from days of old
It is time to rise up and to be bold
Lay down those things in your life that are not in order
Your life will be easier if you are cleansed in the blood
Of the Lamb and you are hot and not cold

Prepare and beware -- Keep your feet from Satan's snares
We cannot afford to neglect and be caught unaware
My children you must spend time with Me
Get before Me quietly and listen - Take time
To apply My word and listen to My voice
Now you really have but one choice

Close the doors of your past life
Your lives must be like the Masters
Throw out all uncleanliness and strife
Let the word come alive in you -- This spiritual sword
Will be as sharp as a knife

The trumpet is blowing from Zion
This sound is coming from the holy mountain
The roar, the sound and the blast precede the
Coming of Judah's Lion
Now you will have time to experience
The Prophecies given from days of old    JoAnn Glasco
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JoAnne Glasco